September 10, 2015

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursdays thought september 10 2015

People always say that the magic of the world can only be seen through the eyes of a child.

As if growing up came with some obligatory rule that you had to leave Wonderland and never look back.

I believe that as many of us grow up the demands of life take over and we forget to look at the world as if everything we see is a miracle.

In Lewis Carroll’s much loved and magical story, Alice in Wonderland, time is a relative concept and the difference between then and now can be intangible.

How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives so if we choose to experience each moment of life with our whole being then a moment can last forever.

(I would call that magic wouldn’t you?)

By the same token if we fail to realize we’re living each day in the worst possible way then it may take years for us to realize it.

Life, while it may seem long at times, is indeed fleeting so let Lewis’ story remind you of all the magic there is in this world, and deep inside of you. If you focus on all that is wonderful and good in your life and I promise you every beautiful moment will last for all eternity.