August 13, 2015

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursdays thought august 13 2015

Despite the fact that I’m Gemini, and Gemini’s as you know are supposed to possess the gift of gab, the one thing I can’t stand in life is trying to make small talk.

I used to make a pact with myself that I would work harder on this apparently vital social skill, but I’ve come to realize that I simply have no interest in it.

Small talk, to me, is the polite way of passing time until you can get on with the business of your life.

I’d much rather spend that time learning something unusual, quirky or extraordinary about you!

If we simply learn to stop asking “what’s up?” I have a sneaky suspicion we’ll discover that the life story the human soul leads us to is one of incredible greatness.


  • Like you, I really used to believe that it’s a much needed social skill whereas in fact it’s only a trained behaviour. Like you can train a dog or a cat to do simple things. “How are are you?” – “Fine how are you?” – “Isn’t the weather bad/great/boring!” – “Yes, and you look so slim/tan/stunning” – one CAN start a nice conversation even in a formal setting, and my experience suggests that people are quite greatful for that 🙂 Maybe, just maybe, all of us think it’s the Others who expect it and are relieved to find a Real Human Being behind the formal ‘cover’.

  • elegantlyeco

    Agree! I hate small talk too. I’d rather have a profound talk than small talk.