July 16, 2015

thursday’s thought

life in blush thursdays thought july 9 2015

Recently Business Insider published a really interesting article that called out the fact that more women than men in business used the word “just”.

“Just”, in this context, was received as a “permission” word that would inevitably damage credibility as it gave the recipient more authority and control.

I thought about how many times I used the word “just” in my day job, versus my side entrepreneurial projects, and realized (with embarrassment) that “just” dominated my day job emails, but hardly came up when working on my side projects.

As someone who doesn’t like to live the business of her life by the permission of others the philosophy that you should always be willing to bet on yourself has an even greater impact to me these days.

After all if you don’t have enough confidence to bet on yourself to succeed then who at the end of the day really will?

Happy Thursday blushers!