November 12, 2013

things I’m loving

things i love

  1. Focus your attention and improve memory with this unique flower remedy ($30)
  2. No need to worry about a lipstick stained mug anymore! ($28)
  3. A stylish way to toast the season ($34.50)
  4. Handwritten notes are so this year ($20)
  5. Accessories and a tutorial! ($24)
  6. Table setting cheat sheet (reminds me of julia roberts in pretty woman)
  7. Add visual motivation to your office ($15)
  8. Love this clutch (price not so much) for special nights out ($4,030)
  9. One of my grandmother’s favourite sayings ($18)
  10. This makes me wish it would rain everyday…no, that’s crazy ($38)
  11. Over sized, glamorous sunglasses that would make Audrey proud ($304.88)


  • beautycalypse

    this is one gorgeous post, and YESYESYES to handwritten notes. I have two large boxes where I keep the most amazing ones 😀

    • ahhh! You must post a pic! I can just imagine how gorgeous they are 🙂

  • Asti

    Gee, that clutch is stunning. But if I have it, I think I’m going to feel so nervous just by thinking I might drop it. I always love your classy fun picks :-). And that Monika’s gold polkadot skirt feels so you.. it really reminds me of that thanksgiving outfit skirt you wore!

    How do you like Alexis Smart flower essences? I tried one of hers, but I don’t think it had any effect on me! I think sensory aromatherapy does it better for me (although totally different league), but the Lotus Wei range is good because it combines both flower essences and E.O .

    and plz i want that cold heart warm hearts cup.

    • asti

      *cold hands warm hearts!

    • ahhh thanks luv! And yes that skirt is so me – I’m just dying to get my hands on it and take it for a spin 😀

      I just started on her remedy so I can’t speak to its efficacy yet, but lordy do I love how you can taste the brandy 😉 After I finish it, and if I feel an effect, I think I want to treat myself to one of her consultations to have a custom blend created. I’m just so curious about these things! What kind of scents do you like/work for you?

      • asti

        That skirt is perfect for the holiday season, I hope you will be able to get your hands on it!

        Haha I know, the after-taste is what got me, it’s my well-being shot! I also tried Lotus Wei elixirs that you ingest in the same way too, but that one tastes sweet like honey. I want to try it again, just as a validation, the Lotus Wei one worked well for me. For me personally, flower essences can be effective but only if I don’t remind myself that I’ve consumed it. I feel like I have to ‘let go’ and believe in the ‘vibrations’ of these flowers, people who are full of skeptics will find it hard to see a difference. Positive attitude is a must, I kind of think of it like ‘praying’, you can wish as much as you want but if you don’t actually put efforts into it, nothing ever comes.

        When it comes to aromatherapy scents, I’m currently blown away by Palo Santo E.O. I wouldn’t use it as a perfume, but whenever I wash/condition my hair with Rahua Original line, gosh, it clears my mind. Scents that are like dessert or sweet drinks such as May’s Good Stuff, Awnny Body Butter (Etsy) and Lotus Wei Infinite Love makes me feel smitten and loved. Lotus Wei Inner Peace is also very good, I want to have a cabinet full of their stuff seriously. The ONLY thing that I can’t stand is Peppermint. What about you? I hope the flower essences really work out, curious to hear what you think.

        • ahh! I love the palo santo aroma! I spend inordinate amounts of time just sniffing my rahua bottle 😀 I also just received the camellia facial oil from flight skincare and I CAN NOT STOP SMELLING IT! Is it the camellia, neroli and sandalwood notes that are the dominant ones would you say? the scent reminds me of lina hanson’s global face serum so I was trying to pinpoint what it was. I’m with you on peppermint – i can’t stand the smell of it in anything; I quite like eucalyptus though as well as frankincense and orange blossom 🙂

          • asti

            I’m not sure what Palo Santo smells like but if it does smell like Rahua Original then I’m in love! omggggg you got the camellia treatment serum, smells DIVINE right! (I don’t like the word divine but I just have to use it in this case!!!) I cannot pin point it exactly but my first sensory experience with the oil, I definitely got the combination of neroli and sandalwood! Don’t know what Camellia smells like but that oil is oozing with gorgeousness. For me, Lina Hanson smells ligther with a comb. of Neroli and Frankincense. Hope you like it! Flight Camellia is my favorite hydrating & soothing treatment oil.

            Don’t you just love our natural & organic goodies? They are so aromatic, I go back and forth to my beauty cabinet too just to smell 🙂

  • Margie

    LOVE this fun list. A little something for everyone! From an outrageously priced “in your dreams” clutch to some lessons on how to channel your inner Downton Abbey with the proper table setting, milady! 🙂

    • ahhh! never thought about downton abbey with the place setting – I better study up for a test with Carson 😉

  • Garcy

    Oh la la. Love the shopbymonika picks, #allgoldallthetime!

    • yuuuuup! She had a white 50’s style skirt with gold polka dots that I was dying over, but it sold out within minutes of her site launching…of course. Hope you’re having a great day pretty lady! xo