September 12, 2013

things I’m loving lately

things i love /

  1. channel audrey hepburn and make work a little more fun? boom! (
  2. there’s no way you can have a bad day wearing this sweater (
  3. I feel like these rings would be an appropriate accessory for a fisticuff (
  4. I’m satisfying my sweet tooth with these guilt-free, bake-free and I’m pretty sure calorie-free bars (
  5. I’ve finally found an organic version of Kate Middleton’s eye shadow (
  6. my favourite shakespeare play as a clutch? Just take my money (
  7. charcoal in my toothbrush? You betcha (


  • beautycalypse

    ha! loving the bars and the toothbrush (it’s actually quite like poison and antidot).

    will check out rikumo, thanks! and wondering, have you tried charcoal blotting papers by tatcha? they’re ace. the cleanest blotting papers IN THE WORLD and also tatcha’s cleanest 😉

    • I haven’t actually; haven’t needed to use blotting papers since using rms beauty un powder (here’s my review) – it’s amazing! But I love the tatcha line – it’s been on my radar for awhile and I’m keen to experience more of it 🙂

      thanks for saying hello! xo

      • beautycalypse

        with tatcha, the blotting papers are the only product that qualifies as “clean” really. they have cut out a lot of stuff (paraffinum, parabenes) but – why? – often use several silicones in their formulas. I was flabbergasted to discover it TBH. especially since it didn’t say so in the online shop :/

        I use the blotting papers very rarely myself ever since I went moisturiser-free. but always keep them at hand – you never know going out in berlin, bad or hot air in clubs, smoke, whatever 🙂

        • really? wow I’m so disappointed to hear that. Do you have a link you can send me with that info? I’d like to read up on it. Goes to show you just how much research a consumer needs to do these days… thanks for sharing and hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

  • asti

    I use the same charcoal toothbrush too!! No joke, I love that brush so much.. from its colors, its simplicity, and that bristles.. are perfection!

    I LOVE THOSE PENCILS! sure does make work more elegant too. and saving the bake-free bars recipe (yes thank goodness me and the oven, right now, are not friends).

    • ahhh!! toothbrush friends 😀 I love its firm bristles and my teeth actually feel cleaner/fresher – do you find the same?

      Oh She Glows has so many good no-bake dessert recipes that are so omn-nom, it’s my go-to site!

      have a great day asti, thanks for stopping by!


      • Asti

        Yup, I feel the same, the bristles are really firm and yet it’s not too hard either that it sensitizes my gum. I have tried a few eco toothbrushes, but they bled my gum badly. I am pretty sure that the charcoals help to clean and whiten my teeth actually..

        Okay! Thank you for the recommendation about going to her blog 🙂

        • anytime! I think you’ll really enjoy her blog -so many good recipes and she seems like such a sweetheart. Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂

  • Margie

    You had me with the classic white roses on that gorgeous white couch! Your list was fun, especially the charcoal toothbrush which I’d never heard of before. Always new things to learn on this great blog!!

    • I stumbled upon it while I was in Jacob & Sebastian and I’m really loving it! Doesn’t the flowers/couch remind you of the opening scene of Downton Abbey? Can’t wait for that series to start again 🙂

  • Tara

    Great items! Thanks for introducing me to 🙂

    • Hey Tara

      it’s a pretty neat line-up of products; I’m using the facial puff as well and am loving both!

      Happy Thursday, thanks for saying hello! xo