October 15, 2013

things I’m loving lately

things I'm loving_fall

  1. return of the “it’s-acceptable-to-order-hot-chocolate-in-public” season (especially from soma chocolate maker!)
  2. creating a winged liner just got ridiculously easy with this trick and this guide 
  3. my teeth have never felt so clean (or breath so powerfully  minty) with this toothpaste
  4. after yesterday’s thanksgiving dinner I definitely need to embrace this styling trick
  5. my obsession for game of thrones might spill over into halloween this year
  6. pasty white legs rejoice! streak-free and dummy proof this little beauty actually gave me a natural tan (plus the name is just freaking awesome)
  7. vegan pumpkin gingerbread with spiced butter cream…literally my dream fall dessert
  8. isn’t everything made better by tea and warm socks?
  9. next time I visit new york I’m taking goop with me
  10. this bracelet hand crafted from melted bullet casings and vintage coins – all to help HIV-positive women in Ethiopia


  • Ingrid Doucet

    Hi Sonja..
    I adore this list.. It inspires lots of wonderful ideas for the changing weather and the gorgeous colours, trends and rituals that come with it.

    • thanks Ingrid! As much as I hate to say au revoir to summer, there’s something so comforting about the coziness and warmth of the fall that I love to embrace each year. And with it comes a whole new beauty and DIY skincare rituals that celebrate in-season ingredients like pumpkin.

      thanks again for reading and saying hello! xo

  • Sean

    The link to the pumpkin gingerbread sent me to a weird page, but I found it here: http://ohsheglows.com/2010/10/02/pumpkin-gingerbread-with-spiced-buttercream/
    And may I just say THAT I AM SO PUMPED. My diet is very restrictive on grain consumption (and sugar….but I’ll rein in it….maybe). This recipe is perfect!! Thank you.

    • Hey Sean – sorry about the odd link; thanks so much for pointing it out, I’ve since corrected it 🙂 Angela’s site is awesome! I’ve been following it for years as I have a restrictive diet as well; she’s coming out with a cookbook next year that I will line up to get if I have to! Thanks for reading and saying hello!

  • Margie

    Full of a variety of little tidbits of fun and useful tips.