January 14, 2014

things I love

things I love : life in blush

  1. living libations seabuckthorn shampoo and shine-on conditioner … may be the best hair porn ever. check back next week for a full review of what gave my hair a touch of the sass. 
  2. stay current with 10 new nail polish ideas straight from the runway… because you should never subject your nails to last year’s mani.
  3. next time I order sushi I want to whip these black walnut wood / 100% copper leaf bad boys out. What can I say? I’m a girl who likes to be fashionably prepared.
  4. I can already tell this app from Herb & Hedgerow is going to be a 2014 favourite
  5. mindy kaling all month long? as if I couldn’t love the chalkboard magazine anymore


  • Woooohoo!
    This was a much-needed post, because it reminded be to buy the H&H app (planned to, but it got literally buried in the big scroll I call my to-do-list) as I read this.
    Loving the chopsticks, too! I have a pair made of almost black wood with silver caps (not leaf, thought the metal leaf idea is even more gorg, since DIYable).

    And as for minimalist nail art, please do visit Europe, well, digitally. The best source of runway-independent minimalist nail art IMHO is the love-aesthetics.blogspot.com blog. Stripes, reverse etc. But be warned, you get sucked in, the page is really ubercool.

    • lifeinblush

      yaaaay! I love the H&H so much and reference it at least 1-2x a week.

      oh my gosh I just went to the “love asthetics” site and umm THANK YOU. Her minimalist web design and beautiful pictures have indeed sucked me in 🙂

      • Herb & Hedgerow

        You guys are so kind. If you like my app, please check out my NEW shiny website for DIY natural beauty recipes at http://www.diybeautydiva.com 🙂

  • It seems that living libations should have a cult sign-up sheet because I want to meet their leader! I vibe with Nadine and her energy infused products. I mean, c’mon! Did you watch her deodorant videos? Who else can get away with ONE SWIPE of a teeny tiny roll-on deo and not stink. [Hint: I just said her name ;-)] Oh, and btw, the roll-on totally works. You’re the bomb for introducing me to this brand. I’m hooked. Could ya tell? xo

    • lifeinblush

      I was in a spiral of watching all of her youtube videos! I literally want to place an order for every single thing she creates. Besides the shampoo I’m trying her oil cleanser, just ordered her dry brush + oil, salt inhaler and am looking forward to getting the healthy gums, deodorant and sun oil…so pretty much everything 😀 Welcome to the obsession club my friend!

  • Margie

    An app for DIY Natural Beauty recipes???!!! Wooohooo

    • lifeinblush

      I love it! it gives a little summary, what you need and how to put it together…all organized by category like ‘face mask’ or ‘bath soak’.

      • Herb & Hedgerow

        You are so lovely! I had no idea my app had been featured on your blog, thank you so so much! I’m so pleased you like it. 🙂 I have plans to add another 20 or so recipes soon.

        • lifeinblush

          ahhhmazing! Can’t wait to see what you add 🙂

          • Herb & Hedgerow

            Just added another 10 recipes, hope you like them! Bath powders, bath tisanes (under bath soaks), a new hand spa, foot spa, foot scrub and 3 new toners!