April 25, 2014

things I love

life in blush - things i love

  1. A natural liquid eyeliner is something to get very excited about (pemberleyjones.com)
  2. Paperclips, not just for paper anymore (asos.com)
  3. Now your home decor can express your personality (indigo.ca)
  4. Body soap made by the world’s only wilderness fragrance distillery (juniperridge.com)
  5. Time to pen some letters! (net-a-porter.com)
  6. These gladiators have made summer invade my thoughts (stuartweitzman.com)

Thanks for joining me this week and have a great weekend!

p.s. blushers, if you’re in Toronto you can score some juniper ridge soap at the Drake General Store in the Bay!

  • shelb lynn

    That soap looks amazing!! How do you like it!?? Details!

    • lifeinblush

      I love it! When you first open the bottle you’re immediately greeted with a ‘true’ scent of tree resin. Being from the east coast of canada I can easily spot a fake tree aroma and this made me feel like I was showering with an actual tree growing beside me.

      I haven’t used liquid soaps in a longtime because of their drying effects, but I found this one left my skin quite soft and the best part was it filled the bathroom was the same intoxicating scent so as I was brushing my teeth I was still inhaling the extremely calming aroma 🙂

      I got this as a sample, but I would easily buy a full bottle next time. If you end up giving it a whirl let me know your thoughts!

  • Margie

    Gladiator boots for summer and natural eye liner…NICE! Happy Friday!