July 8, 2014

the perfect summer pedi

summertime pedicure care

In the winter it’s easy to neglect the look of your toes because really who cares, it’s -30 Celsius out and your feet are jammed into intense looking winter boots anyway, but come summer these babies are out on full display and you have no excuse to ignore them.

Showcase envy-inspiring toes by taking off old polish with (1) Priti NYC soy nail polish remover; scrub away dead skin cells with (2) Organic Bath Co. refreshmint body scrub; hydrate your skin with (4) osmia organics water lily body oil; add a pop of colour with (3) Priti NYC bovey belle carnation polish; and then slip into a fun pair of (5) gold flips. The only thing left to do is to hit a patio with your besties and show off that perfect summer pedi!

  • Margie

    Love this list of non-toxic products to use for your feet! Especially LOVE that the nail polish remover is completely natural! The green revolution has come a long way the past 10 years, benefiting us and the environment.