April 1, 2015

the cuff game

the cuff game_springs best accessory_2

Spring fashion usually has some pretty standard guidelines. Pull something canary yellow, floral, gingham, pastel or black & white off the racks and you’re guaranteed to look ‘on trend’, but seasonal repetition has become monotonous for me.

And since monotony is the thief of joy (self proclaimed) I simply had to start making my own ‘what’s hot now’ list.

Ear cuffs were a big hit during the Hollywood award season earlier this year and it re-inspired me to add them to my jewelry collection.

You can keep it simple, or go flashy for major impact, but whatever you opt for ear cuffs never seem to go out of style and it’s why I’m choosing them to be spring’s best and hottest accessory (again self proclaimed).

Here are a few of my favourites:

  1. sun ray gold ear crawlers $16 US (ilycouture.com)
  2. crystal ear cuff $29.67 CDN (etsy.com)
  3. eagle ear cuff $39.20 CDN (etsy.com)
  4. bmc floral & rhinestone butterfly $3.50 CDN (amazon.ca)
  5. tubular ear crawlers set $38 US (baublebar.com)


  • Love the etsy ones! So affordable too!

    • I know right?! One of the reasons I love etsy so much, you can find such incredible pieces as such a great price 🙂

  • Ear cuffs are so edgy and I’ve been meaning to give one a try. I love the Etsy ones here but probably choose a more subtle, minimalistic design for day to day.

    • They totally are! Plus I feel they add so much “interest” and can offer up a bit of spice to just about any outfit you’re wearing. Hope you’re having a great week Megan! xo