June 2, 2015

{the anti} melt-proof summer makeup

the best makeup for summer weather

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of articles and ads for “melt-proof summer make-up”.

Make-up that lasts the entire day, in sweltering heat, that looks as fresh as when you first put it on?

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Seriously, if all of your make-up looks the same at 5pm as it does at 8am then it’s either been tattooed onto your face or you’re a fembot and have no sebum production.

And if that’s the case then we have a bigger problem.

But jokes aside, when it’s scorching out and your make-up is sliding off your face before you decide to throw in the towel and go au naturel (although I’m a huge fan of a naked face in the summer) check out this list.

They by no means are 100% melt-proof (nor should they be), but they will keep you looking gorgeous for longer even when you want to stick your head in the freezer.

  1. Alima Pure Satin Matte Eyeliner ($16) – with a damp angled brush pick up some of this powder and use it to line your eyes, or even tightline them.
  2. rms beauty eye polish ($35) – I know what you’re thinking. A cream eye shadow would be the worst in the heat, but hear me out. Your eye shadow is going to crease no matter what. No matter how much primer you put on it’s going to crease. Trust me. Otherwise see point above about being a fembot. With a cream shadow, when it creases all you need is a quick swipe of your finger across your eyelid and you’re back in business. With powder shadows I find it much harder to get it blended again once the heat has creased it. (Pictured above is my current favourite ‘Solar’)
  3. Kjaer Weis mascara ($48; refill $35) – this is the only mascara I’ve tested that stood up to the August heat of Barcelona. It didn’t flake or smudge, but it does give you very natural looking lashes so if you’re hoping for sexy drama you’ll be disappointed. That being said though, this is the only baby I reach for when it’s going to be hot out as I know I won’t have to check for raccoon eyes mid-morning. (Click here for my full review)
  4. Kari Gran mineral foundation ($25 USD) – use this lightweight mineral powder on its own, or mix a little with your face oil to create a tinted moisturizer. Either way it buffs into the face to create a truly flawless, almost air-brushed, look. Perfection!
  5. Sappho Organics bronzer ‘bronze goddess’ ($16 USD) – bronzers can be a hard thing to buy because who amongst us wants to walk out the door looking like an oompa loompa, but Sappho has created one that looks so natural and would work with most skin tones. I find that when I layer it on top of the Kari Gran mineral foundation it lasts even longer. (for my Canadian blushers, The Detox Market usually carries it, but it’s not on their site so they may just be out of stock)
  6.  Living Libations rose glow complexion mist ($25) – ok so not technically a make-up item, but this is honestly a life-saver when you’re out running errands and feel yourself melting into a puddle of sweat. Spritz this cooling, refreshing mist all over your face without disturbing your make-up and feel like a new woman.
  7. Kjaer Weis cream highlighter ‘radiance’ ($70) – light beige with a hint of lavender and a touch of shimmer, this silky cream highlighter will compliment all skin tones. And looks even sexier on a face that’s flushed with a natural glow from the heat. (Click here for my full review)


  • Get the Amex!!! (yells in my head). Speaking of awesome brushes have you seen the new rms beauty foundation brush with its spiral design? I’m so curious to try it!

    • No, had to google it… Oh the things they come up with these days! 😀
      Well, I’ve learned one thing, and that is that there’s no bad make up, there’s only bad make up brushes! 😉
      I invested in a new blush brush, I always thought that a certain shade didn’t suit me, but suddenly it does with this new brush! O.o It’s really all in the application!

  • I know right?! I first saw it on Garcy of Eco Diva Beauty and she touted its staying power so I of course had to test it out for myself. Well, I was blown away. I haven’t tried Lily Lolo’s concealer yet, but I’m curious now to see if I get the same results….how do you like the coverage for concealing darkness? Is it good for blemishes too? Hope you’re having a great week love! xo

    • Oh and I almost forgot to warn you: Lily Lolo’s concealer does not work with dry skin! But maybe that’s a general fact when it comes to powdered concealers?
      I’ve found out that prepping your face with oil (especially a light layer around the eyes) just before application makes the product go on like a liquid and look natural without creasing or looking powdered.

      • I believe so! I find the same with Kari Gran’s mineral concealer. I always prep my eye area first with a serum or cream before I dare attempt to use any powdered product.

  • This is such a great post, proves natural beauty works no matter what the weather. We can hold our own! It’ll be cool to be a fembot for a day haha

    • Haha I know right?! Thanks for saying hello Rowie! xo

  • I’d love to try the Kari Gran mineral foundation. What facial oil do you like to mix it with?

    • Right now I’m mixing it with Pacific Face Oil as I’m testing it, but I also like to mix it with Uma’s Brightening Face Oil. But any favourite face oil will do!