April 24, 2013

surprise mail

Surprise Card in the Mail

I spend the majority of my day communicating with people, whether it be the inordinate amount of time spent writing emails at work or catching up on text messages on my way home, but it wasn’t until I received a card in the mail that I realized the true art of communication, letter writing, is a lost form.

Last week, after rummaging through my mail, I came across a little cream envelope with my name and address handwritten on it. After doing a quick mental check to confirm it couldn’t be an upcoming wedding, baby shower, or stagette invitation I became quite ecstatic. I may be old fashioned, but anytime I receive mail that isn’t bills or direct marketing it quite literally makes my day.

It may be a little late to make a New Year resolution, but this year I definitely want to try and write more letters.

  • Margaret Ann

    Surprise mail is the very best mail of all!!