January 7, 2015

{spotlight} yyz imports

YYZ Imports_Lucky Star

Over the holidays my sister came to my house and was wearing this incredibly eye-catching necklace.

As soon as I spotted it I immediately stopped what I was doing, popped my head up, and demanded to know where she got it.

I could be in the middle of getting hit on by Chris Evans and would still ask him to “hold on for a moment” until I found out what I wanted to know.

If I see something I really like, such as a piece of jewelry, clothing, or a hot shade of lipstick, it’s simply not in my genetic makeup to pass it by.


The Lucky Star necklace, featured on my sister in the photo above, is from YYZ Imports, an online Toronto shop started by Jessica and Ernestina who set out to source unique jewelry from around the globe and bring them back to North America.

After looking through their site I’d have to say well done ladies!

mad men_joan

Apart from the Lucky Star I also have my eye on Born to be WildEye of the Tiger, Fire and Rain, and Ragged Wood.

Can’t wait to see what other treasures they pick up on their travels!

  • The pieces look very bright, energetic, and like they make a statement.