May 20, 2014

{spotlight} surthrival elk velvet antler

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Survival is merely the delaying of dying. Thriving is a vibrant, individual art-form cultivated through commitment to health practices and the fearless pursuit of personal development. – Daniel Vitalis, founding member of SurThrival 

We only have one life on this beautiful earth of ours and I for one have no interest in simply delaying the act of dying. Last week in my post about SurThrival’s chaga tincture (here) I mentioned I had a multi-spoke strategy to rewild my health and one of those spokes, SurThrival’s elk velvet antler extract, is my focus for today!

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Elk velvet antler extract has been used for centuries, first in China and then Russia, as a highly revered form of regenerative medicine. Antlers, an organ that contains bone and connective tissue as well as collagen, stems cells and hormones, begin to grow in the springtime (at a rate of 2 inches per day!) as the elk gets ready for mating season. It is also at this time that the velvet, used in the extract, begins to appear.

The ancient Chinese, so wise in their ways, discovered that consuming it can create a host of positive health outcomes, including:

  1. increased recovery and regenerative growth
  2. replenished collagen & connective tissue
  3. accelerated ability to adapt to exercise & stress
  4. stronger immune system
  5. balanced hormone & iron levels
  6. youthful skin & lubricated joints
  7. decreased effects from menopause
  8. regulated female cycles

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I’ve been taking the antler extract since the Fall and it’s noticeably decreased my menstrual cramps, as well as regulating my cycle to within a day or two of each other whereas before it was as much as a week.

Blushers, this is truly an incredible supplement that I encourage you to research in more detail to see if it’s right for you (click here to get the full download and note that women will do well with the “Silver” or “Essentia” formulas whereas “Gold” is more suited for the gents).

Want to get your hands on some now? For the month of May SurThrival has a discount on all elk antler products! Click here to purchase directly from SurThrival or here if you’re in Canada (discount does not apply).


Since the early development of SurThrival’s Immortal Velvet, we have worked exclusively with Elk from the United States. While our products are in the “Deer Antler” category, we have chosen to work with domestic Elk populations because we do not support the New Zealand Deer Antler Industry or its practices.

SurThrival’s Antler product is sourced exclusively from a single farm in Idaho, where our Elk free-range their entire lives on slaughter-free open ranch lands.

Our antler harvesting process is pain and stress free for these beautiful and docile animals, and is done using a method that differs dramatically from those of the New Zealand Deer Antler industry. The health and humane treatment of our Elk populations are paramount to our business model, its culture, and its ethics.

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  • Michelle Horgan

    Ok so I looked this all up, watched many YouTube videos and so many think it’s a bit of a scam…for a lot of money! I dunno if I want Elk antler no matter how good it is. Seriously is it that good?

    • Hey Michelle! I don’t disagree; there are a lot of elk/deer antler products out there that are poorly produced by companies with questionable reputations. However this supplement has a 3,000 year history in Chinese medicine, as well as Japanese, Korean and Russian. I truly believe in this particular extract from Surthrival, but I did my research on it. Watch this video interview of Daniel Vitalis (the creator) and let me know what you think afterwards 🙂

      part 1: (starts at about 1:15)
      part 2:

  • Margie

    An interesting immune booster with an impressive list of positive health benefits to be had when using SurThrival’s Immortal Velvet.