May 16, 2014

{spotlight} surthrival chaga immortality quest

surthrival chaga tincture review by life in blush

Happy Friday-before-a-long-weekend blushers!

If you’ve been following my fancy-pants journey for a while now then you’ll know I’ve been on a quest to rewild my health, and part of that quest has led me to Surthrival’s chaga tincture (click here for deets) -made from wild-crafted mushroom and infused with natural spring water.

Before stumbling upon my now favourite supplements company, Surthrival, I had never heard of chaga let alone a chaga tincture, but after researching it’s benefits as outlined by Arthur Haines (teacher and leading expert in wild food foraging) here I soon realized what a powerful addition to my health strategy it could be.

Chaga is unique among medicinal mushrooms and may be one of the most important anti-aging supplements yet discovered. Chaga contains potent immune supporting properties and also has an extremely high ORAC value (anti-oxidant properties), even beyond that of blueberry extracts.

I’ve been taking Surthival’s chaga tincture every day since last fall, and can definitely feel a sort of revitalization to my health, but I do want to note however that it’s just one spoke in my wheel of rewilding tactics; I firmly believe all spokes work together to keep my health at its optimum versus one being the hero of the day.

What are my other rewilding tactics? For starters it includes local and organic foods, pine pollen, elk antler, colostrum (click here), cordyceps tea, schizandra berry (click here) and wild spring water (click here), but much more is to come. Stay tuned next week as I turn a spotlight on the elk antler tincture and pine pollen capsules!


Thanks for joining me this week and have a wonderful long weekend everyone. I love you all!

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  • Michelle Horgan

    Need to check out Surthrival, I need something to get me out of the physical slump I am in. Do you order direct, is there a shop in TO that carries it?

  • Talula

    Hey, would you please tell me where you buy your local organic produce? I shop at the Big Carrot but I’m not sure its all local. Please let me know! Ps-I love your blog!

    • Hey Talula! Thanks so much for following me 😀

      As for local/organic produce, I have to admit that I’ve found it pretty hard living in Toronto (with no car) to hunt down good quality food from a local food shed. But that being said, I do have a few spots I trust for meat, fruit and veggies:

      meat: karma food co-op carries grass-finished bison and elk from a brand called “wild on the bruce”. The taste of the meat is incredible! Also, check out this site to find other locations of reputable grass-finished meat and dairy:

      veggies: I only go to “Uncle Jorge’s Organic Farm” stand during the Saturday farmer’s market at the St. Lawrence Market. He harvests all his produce from his land and I trust him wholeheartedly.

      fruit: again, I go to the Saturday’s farmer’s market at St. Lawrence Market and just wander from stand to stand until I see something I like and talk to the farmer to get a sense of how he raises his crops.

      Brickworks also has a weekend farmer’s market that I hear is quite good, but have only been once awhile ago (too out of the way for me).

      Hope that helps! Have a wonderful long weekend!! xx

    • Michelle Horgan

      Hey Talula!
      I get mine delivered from MamaEarth organics. It’s NOT over priced and saves me from carting heavy groceries (if the wheel on my cart falls off one more time I will loose my mind!) the have different size boxes that you can pick and choose what you would like, the bakery section is all local bakeries, and they do source local when it’s available.
      I get the family basket $45 add a few extra treats and it’s plenty for my partner and I. They don’t charge for delivery either!

  • LOVE Surthrival- I will have to check out the chaga, I have heard wonderful things- I too am a huge believer in making sure all the spokes working together- I’ve recently taken a big step in making sure my health is top notch and have been exercising (really just walking/hiking) daily, cut out dairy and meat ( still eating cage free eggs) and drinking less alcohol and it really does make a huge difference. All those things combined, I feel lighter, and more in control of everything! Good for you- I love reading posts like this! :0) – Kathryne

    • Hey Kathryne! It’s so awesome to hear from a fellow Surthrival lover! My birthday wish list this year is primarily comprised of their products haha.

      I’ve also been exercising more -walking 1hr each day to and from work – and have cut out dairy and for the most part wheat. I’m getting back into yoga and once I have a bit more flexibility back I’m going to start up my muy thai training again. My friend is getting back into it and that has prompted me to do the same! Thanks so much for sharing what steps you’re taking and that we share in the same philosophy – love connecting with like-minded people!

      Hope you’re having a great weekend! xx

      • You too! It is truly amazing how much better I feel without the dairy- it’s something up until this year I hadn’t given much thought to, but now that it’s not in my life, I don’t crave it at all, and feel so much “clearer!” You will have to do a post on your muy thai soon!! We’d love to hear about it, sounds awesome! :0)