September 16, 2014

{spotlight} pure living boutique

pure living boutique

Hello lovelies! I’ve recently become acquainted with a green beauty online store, Pure Living Boutique, from Sarasota, Florida, that’s run by Janet Meredith, a woman who honestly strikes me as one of the cheeriest people around. Take a look at her profile here and tell me she didn’t just bring a smile to your lips.

What first got me excited about her store was that I only knew four out of the 22 brands she carried, which meant I could jump down the proverbial rabbit hole and discover new gems!

big bang theory

Janet generously sent me a care package of goodies to try and here are a few of the items I’ve been testing:

  1. SW Basics exfoliant – three basic ingredients, Maine sea salt, organic oats and almonds make this such an easy exfoliator for any skin type to love. Mine certainly appreciated the gentle buff n’ polish! ($30 for 4 oz)
  2. Pure Living Boutique olivia soap – made by Janet herself I literally uttered ‘oh my god!’ as I was testing it for the first time. Literally. Unlike any other soap I’ve tried my hands felt moisturized from the moment I started washing them and continued on if I had just applied a hand cream. ($9)
  3. Good 4 You sage mouthwash – definitely an unusual concoction to most, but one that I jumped at the chance to try. It’s an herbal mouthwash made with garden grown sage (but has a bitter finish so if you’re after something minty fresh you’ll be disappointed), that contains powerful essential oils to kill bacteria and aid you in self-dentistry. ($12 for 4 oz)
  4. SW Basics body scrub – if the scent of coconut is your lady jam then you’re going to lose your mind over this one. Made only with sugar, organic extra virgin coconut oil and shredded coconut it gently scrubs away dead skin cells and leaves you with a satiny smooth finish. ($25 for 6 oz)
  5. NAYA Artisan Revival Skincare raw greens face mask  – containing organic spirulina, chlorella (a detoxifier that may also be one of the earth’s oldest living organisms) and wheatgrass, this mask was literally like an eraser that rubbed out my skin’s unevenness and left it feeling ridonculous soft. I will definitely be placing an order for this one! ($18 for 1 oz)
  6. Silver Botanical silver tongue oral disinfectant – containing collodial nano silver (antimicrobial) and essential oils critical for gum health this is the perfect product to add to your oral care routine. ($20 for 16 oz)


  • Janet Meredith

    Awesome, thank you so much Sonja! Thrilled you enjoyed the products. XO

    • enjoyed is an understatement! thanks again for opening my eyes to so many wonderful under-the-radar brands 🙂 xx

  • I love discovering great, new online stores like this that cater specifically to natural beauty. The NAYA mask resembles a green juice to me, which is exactly why I must try it! Again, the gifs are cracking me up! Oh Sheldon…

    • ahh you HAVE to try it!! The ingredients are SO good for your skin, I can’t sing its praises enough 😀

      • Janet Meredith

        ditto XO

    • Janet Meredith

      hi dream + scheme! yes, the naya raw greens mask is just like green juice! it is one of the few products available on the market that actually classifies as “raw”. would love for you to have one of your very own. please your order at and enter “dream” coupon code to receive a special discount! thank you. purely, janet 🙂

      • Thanks so much! Now I have all the more reason to try out some of these lovely products.