September 26, 2014

{spotlight} orange harp

life in blush picks for Orange Harp

Happy Friday blushers! Two things have me pretty excited today. One, that it’s Friday (I’ll see you soon sweet, sweet glass of vino), and two that I get to introduce you to a mobile app us green beauty and socially conscious bloggers adore.

Orange Harp is the world’s first mobile app for fashion by designers that respect the planet and its people. Orange Harp isn’t just about shopping — it’s about attaching meaning to the products we bring into our lives.

A lot of air time is given to hashing over the various ingredients in our skincare and cosmetic products, but how often do we stop and think about the way in which they’re made or their impact on the earth?

Orange Harp has curated a selection of 24 brands that support a socially-conscious lifestyle. Plus, 1% of the revenue they generate supports the non-profit organization Not For Sale to end slavery.

bradley cooper

As I flipped through the various brands on my phone here are the ones that caught my eye, that I think you’ll love too:

  1. Quixotic – bringing back gentlemanly valour with their pocket square campaign
  2. Dandelion Chocolate – using only two ingredients, Dandelion Chocolate supports local non-profits and small cacao farms
  3. Hana – cult favourite amongst green beauty bloggers, Hana is made by a certified herbalist using certified organic ingredients in small amounts to ensure freshness
  4. Etkie – hand crafted by formerly unemployed Native American women, the finishings on all of Etkie’s pieces are sewn by a local cooperative that employs low-income women
  5. Juniper Ridge – hikers bringing you mountains in a bottle while preserving our forests (it literally smells like your deep in the woods)
  6. David Peck – maintaining a focus on design, all of David Peck’s garments are made from organic, fair-trade, and natural fibers by local manufacturers

If you haven’t heard of Orange Harp before trust me you’re going to want to have them on your phone (because you never know when or where your shopping mood is going to strike!). Download the app here and join in on the fun.

Thanks for joining me this week blushers, have a great weekend! xo


  • anbu

    Thank you so much for the shout out! We love your post.

  • I first heard about this app from Kate of LPN and I’m glad to see you love it too! Many of these brands I haven’t heard or tried yet, which is exactly why I’m excited about this. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend!

    • Yes it’s such a great app! And I love the brands they’ve gathered into their family, especially Juniper Ridge as it feeds my need for forest therapy 🙂

      Have a lovely weekend too Megan! xo

    • anbu

      Hi Dream & Scheme,
      Great to know that you’re excited about Orange Harp. If you haven’t already, please install the app on your iPhone or iPad and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you.