October 7, 2015

{spotlight} m of copenhagen

MofCopenhagenCurveEarringsFor me, the biggest rush that comes from entering a contest is when you hit <submit> and think maybe just maybe you’ll win.

I never do.

But this time, THIS TIME my luck changed.

I was randomly drawn to win these gorgeous M of Copenhagen Curve earrings from BEAUTYCALYPSE, an incredibly intelligent blog about green & gorgeous beauty and an ethical & healthy lifestyle (check it out!)

M of Copenhagen is an online jewelry boutique from Denmark that has some serious commitments to making the lowest possible impact on this beautiful earth of ours.

That’s why I simply had to tell you about them.

So grab a cuppa tea or joe and have a listen!

yes animated GIF

All of the jewelry at M of Copenhagen is handmade and made to order.

So every single piece is uniquely handcrafted specifically for you (talk about red carpet treatment!).


The material is 100% recycled Sterling Silver 925, which has the exact same quality as brand new silver, but with the added feel-good bonus of knowing it’s recycled.

The jewelry box your piece arrives in, the card your piece is attached to and the delicate tissue surrounding it all is handmade in Europe from recycled paper.

The wood filler is 100% recyclable and the mailing bag is 100% biodegradable and will dissolve within 18 months.

MofCopenhagenCurveEarrings_close1On top of that Marie donates a portion from each sale to one of three charities:

  1. refuge.org – helping victims of domestic abuse by giving them shelter in a safe place
  2. asti.org – helping to rehabilitate victims of acid and burn attacks
  3. traffik.org – helping rehabilitate victims of human trafficking and helping them get a second chance at life


Guys, this is definitely a purchase you can feel really good about making. Take a peek at her site and let me know which piece you wish you could win!

  • P.S. I would choose Curve over and over 😉 As a former jewellery editor, this piece has the most appeal to me because it’s elegant and bold at the same time, not an easy thing to pull off! (Although – disclaimer – all her designs are cute and perky)

  • Woohoo honey! Late to comment, but well. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Re: M of Copenhagen, you’re too kind to credit me and to write about Maria’s line. I think it’s so important to support the green tribe. Yay green tribe 😉

  • Kristina Fuchs

    Congratulations! They have really amazing stuff. I just love all of it.

  • Edyta

    I wish they had gold earrings, I am allergic to anything else 🙁

    • Hi Edyta, dang, sorry to hear that!
      Ethical gold is actually rare and pretty expensive, but before I found M of Copenhagen with her silver collection, I had the opportunity to look into this wonderful fine eco-ethical gold collection: amalena.com
      I own a bracelet and think of treating myself to the Chia studs for Christmas. They’re too cute!

  • Edyta

    The Venus Ring, I am a sucker for greek mythology anything 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, wow I’m in love! Thanks for the introduction. The Trinity Ring has my name all over it 🙂

  • How to choose? They’re so lovely. A ring perhaps?

  • Péťa K.

    Hi, I’d like to let stone earrings 🙂 rings are not also bad 😉 I love these minimalist pieces!