September 22, 2014

{spotlight} kjaer weis fall 2014 collection

kjaer weis fall 2014 colours

When Kjaer Weis first contacted me to test out a couple of yet-to-be-released products from their Fall collection well, if you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll know just what kind of reaction I had when reading their email. For those of you who are new to my site it went a little something like this.

tom hanks

Ok you’re right blushers, it was more like this.

jeremy renner

I’ve been waiting so, so long for an emerald green non-toxic eye shadow that would perfectly compliment my fair skin, green eyes and reddish hair and gawd bless them did Kjaer Weis ever deliver.

Kirsten Kjaer Weis, a vetern makeup artist that created a natural and organic color makeup line that didn’t compromise luxury or performance (holy hell does it ever not!), developed a universally flattering green eye shadow, a ‘throwback to old Hollywood’ classic red lip tint and a pale pink cream blush for her 2014 Fall collection to ‘mark a return to sensuous femininity with a touch of modern confidence and drama’.

kjaer weis fall 2014 colours1

Like all of Kirsten’s products both the eye shadow, Green Depth, and the lip tint, Lover’s Choice, are heavily pigmented meaning a little goes a long way…and stays. The staying power of her products never cease to amaze me and also makes for a very quick application. Rather than having to constantly layer to build up to the colour you see in the palette you can get there in 1-2 deposits of product.

You can either wear Green Depth as an all-over colour (as I’ve done here) or you can wet an angled brush and apply it as an eyeliner. Both options provide such a gorgeous finish that you can wear day or night.

kjaer weis fall 2014 colours2

Apart from playing around with Green Depth and Lover’s Choice, here are the other products from Kjaer Weis that comprise this look:

  • face: cream foundation in ‘like porcelain‘ under the eyes, and ‘radiance‘ highlighter on the top of the cheekbone
  • eyes: ‘radiance‘ highlighter on the brow bone, base and inset of the eye; (note: I can achieve a more dramatic liner with a pencil, versus powder, so as KW currently doesn’t have a pencil in their line-up I used one by pure+simple ) 
  • cheeks: cream blush in ‘sun touched‘ on the apples and ‘desired glow’ to contour
  • brows: eye shadow in ‘earthy calm‘ was used to darken up spots along my arch

And for those of you wondering my earrings are from Alexis Bittar.

kjaer weis fall 2014 colours3

I’m in love. These colours definitely represent femininity, sensuality, class and a touch of je ne sais quoi that have made them my part of my new favourite look for Fall.

*Samples generously provided, but you know the drill all opinions blushing or not are my own.

  • The GIFS!!

  • Lovely eye shadow color!! x

  • haha those GIFs get me every time! Love love loveeeeee that green, it suits you so well!

    • haha I actually giggle out loud every time I’m writing and insert them into the post. This shade of green is literally unreal and it would flatter pretty much any skin tone. thanks for saying hello love! xx

  • Just gorgeous. I am in love with all of her products, as I’m heard of ranted on about them far too many times. The colors really suit you and I’m eyeing that beautiful, rosy lip tint. But I love them all for fall!

    • oh god the lip tint, so SO good. I like to either put it on full force or mute it down for the day time by mixing it with a pink or coral gloss. hope you had a great weekend megan! xo