March 30, 2015

{spotlight} iQ food co.

iQ Food Co

Whenever I’m running late for work, and forgot to pre-make my breakfast the night before (usually some variation on the overnight oats recipe found on Oh She Glows), my options for food on the go are almost nil.

I’m typically faced with muffins, pastries, or yogurt parfaits that are full of gluten, sugar and grain-fed dairy.


But sometimes because of my poor planning I have to.

Or used to.

iQ Food Co. opened up a new location new my condo last year and honestly it’s been my saviour on mornings when I’ve hit the snooze button way too many times.

Built on the concept of partnering with local farms and producers, this company has created a breakfast and lunch menu made from real, quality and non-processed food that is also balanced.

Each season brings a new menu of simple, body-nourishing dishes and the Spring 2015 edition is no exception (click here).

My breakfast favourites right now are:

  1. organic oats (pictured above): organic steel-cut oats (raw+soaked in water), cashew cream (cashews, organic mejdool dates, vanilla, coconut, mountain salt), pineapple
  2. the stinger smoothie: ginger, lemon, pineapple, buckwheat, turmeric, flax, honey, bee pollen, banana, spirulina, coconut milk

Next up I want to try the little rascal made of grass-fed yogurt (first time I’ve seen this on a menu!), buckwheat granola (sunflower seeds, flax, almond butter, chia, buckwheat, hemp hearts, agave, oats, vanilla), raspberry chia jam, fresh berries. Yum.

iQ Food Co. has three locations in Toronto’s core and I hope to see them open up even more. Downtown definitely needs a lot more healthy, vegan, gluten-free, and whole food restaurants that celebrate health and wellness.

(bonus: if you’re in a severe rush you can now pre-order your breakfast or lunch online for pickup at any location)

  • heladodelucuma

    iq sounds heavenly. i was in a uber rush these past couple days because of the festival so i went to the one in the path but lol i got lost in the path. ONE DAY I SHALL TRY THIS!!!

    • You muuuuuust! Honestly everything in there is so good. And if they have the ‘crack cup’ available when you pop in GET IT. I can’t stress enough how much it will make your day. So much chocolately goodness 😀