December 3, 2013

spill it: the green product junkie’s *come as you are* beauty tag. what’s in your makeup bag…right this minute!

Every now and then Green Beauty Bloggers, being the deliciously curious creatures that we are, will send out a beauty tag to the interweb answering a few questions they’ve developed and then tagging other bloggers to answer it. Anything goes with these tags so when Katie of The Green Product Junkie tagged me in her *come as you are* post I had two thoughts: one, this was going to be a wicked bit of fun and two, the kraken was about to be released.

The idea behind Katie’s tag was that you had to spill the contents of your makeup bag as they were the moment you read her post. No staging, no additions or deletions. Simply spill, snap a photo and explain.

I was on my way in to work when I read the post so I thought I would *spill* the contents of my for-the-office makeup bag as well as the makeup bag I had at home. You be the judge and let me know if you think the kraken was released in either photo.


spill it beauty tag_2

alexis smart ‘my personal assistant’ – until the day I can actually have a personal assistant alexis’ floral tincture is helping me to feel less frazzled and more organized and motivated during my day -hmm or maybe it’s the brandy that’s in it…

province apothecary face balm – a luxe blend of rich oils and beeswax, this balm is perfect for protecting my skin against harsh winter winds. I use it almost like a spot treatment – before I head home from work I dab a bit on my cheeks if I hear the winds starting to pick up….gawd I miss summer!

ilia beauty lipstick in ‘femme fatale’ – I heart this shade of red so hard because you can wear it and feel polished and sexy without it screaming “i’m wearing red yo!”. There is a time and place for Marilyn’s trademark red…the office is not one of them.

pai skincare fragonia & seabuckthorn hand therapy – a perfect stocking stuffer, I’ve been keeping this chubby little beauty by my side at all times since the air in the office is quite drying.

homemade lip balm -making homemade lip balms to feed my addiction means I never have to say “bloody hell where did I put it?!” … because my recipes make an obscene amount of pots.

clips, nail file and elastic – all essential pieces to any makeup bag I have ever and will ever assemble


spill it beauty tag

kjaer weis

  1. cream blush ‘lovely‘ – brings a delicate winter flush to the cheeks!
  2. cream blush ‘desired glow‘ – click here for my review
  3. eye shadow ‘pretty purple‘ – the organic version of kate middleton’s gorgeous staple eye shadow
  4. eye shadow ‘earthy calm‘ – I use this beauty to fill in my brows, create depth to my eye, double as an eyeliner (tip: just wet an angled brush, pick up a bit of the powder and dab it along you lash line), and when I’m in a pinch to contour my cheekbones
  5. eye shadow ‘onyx‘ – in addition to being my #1 choice to create a smoky eye, its impressive staying power makes it the perfect powder liner
  6. sample lip tint ‘goddess‘ – a wallflower you definitely will not be wearing this fabulous shade of plum. hydrating and not sticky, lucky be the man or lady you wear this for!
  7. organic mascara – click here for my review

rms beauty

  1. un cover-up #11 – click here for my review
  2. living luminizer – click here for my review
  3. ‘un’ powder – click here for my review
  4. cream eye shadow ‘magnetic’ – my favourite alt colour to use when I want to create a smoky eye and not use black.
  5. lip2cheek ‘diabolique’ – click here to see it on me!
  6. buriti bronzer – click here to see it on me!
  7. *sample* cream eye shadow ‘seduce’ – ever since rose-marie gave this invaluable tip I now use it to contour my cheekbones
  8. *sample* cream eye shadow ‘solar’ – gold & shimmery this puppy is going to make the rounds at all of the parties this holiday season
  9. *sample* cream eye shadow ‘lunar’ – my alt to using living luminizer on my eyelids; it gives a nice highlight without being obvious that you’re wearing makeup
  10. *sample* cream eye shadow ‘karma’ – I’m still playing around with this one trying to figure out its real purpose for me. I nixed trying to make it an eyeliner or eye shadow and am now just trying to smoke out the edges of my eyes.

various lip colours

all of them are fantastic and can be mixed with each other to create unique new shades. Who doesn’t love being a mix master?!

ilia beauty

  1. lip gloss ‘peek-a-boo
  2. lip gloss ‘gypsy
  3. lip crayon ‘dress you up
  4. lip crayon ‘iko iko
  5. tinted lip conditioner ‘arabian knights
  6. tinted lip conditioner ‘blossom lady
  7. lipstick ‘neon angel
  8. lipstick ‘femme fatale

revolution organics

  1. freedom lip gloss ‘integrity

bite beauty*

  1. high pigment matte pencil ‘velvet
  2. high pigment matte pencil ‘corvina’ – click here for my review

and to round it out a homemade lip balm from Province Apothecary’s balm making course and an eyeliner pencil in ‘black opal‘  from Pure+Simple.

thanks to Katie for tagging me! I now tag Nath from BEAUTYCALYPSE, Sarah from Osmia Organics, Mademoiselle Nature and Barb from JACQS ORGANICS

house rules: tag some other green beauty bloggers, keep the title as it is and, of course, have the best time.

*after a deeper review of bite beauty’s ingredients, and a debate with sarita of, I wouldn’t buy these again simply because they’re not as clean as I’d like my lip products to be.

  • environment11

    I need to see Gypsy from Ilia on you ASAP…help a sister out. Do you love it? Katie – GPJ

  • Nicole

    Wow, just wow. I agree with Katie on the drooling part and am super jealous of your collection. My makeup bag has a brow pencil, lip conditioner, gloss and hand cream. Way to put it to shame…haha. Great post xo!

    • lifeinblush

      HA! I think your makeup bag would activate my OCD – what if you find yourself in a situation where you need a highlighter or a bronzer or suddenly don’t like your shade of lipstick? No, I couldn’t handle that…although I’m sure my bf is wishing I’d take a page from your book 😉

      • Nicole

        Haha! And that’s probably why you always look so well put together and beautiful. I just can’t be bothered. Once my makeup is done, it’s done!

    • katie

      Nicole…dump that bag, photograph it and get on this tag. With a quickness, my dear!

      • katie

        Just move here so we can hang out, already. You know you’re a New Yorker for God’s sake! – Mamma Bear

  • katie

    Yeah, well what the heck is there to say about this? Your makeup and makeup bag is making my mouth water. Well-played, Sonja. I loved reading this and will read it again tonight…much, much better than Wuthering Heights!

    • lifeinblush

      when my makeup bag can win out over one of literary’s great classic I’d say that’s a pretty good day. no, that’s a damn fine day. thanks lady! glad I didn’t disappoint 🙂

  • I love this post – I am working on this tag now. I am lusting over all of the Kjaer Weis, Ilia and RMS…

  • Garcy Fry

    love this! You have impeccable taste my dear.

  • Cool tag! This isn’t all of your makeup though right? I’d be doomed as I sore all of my cosmetic in makeup bags…