April 14, 2014

spend it or save it

jimmy choo versus vince camuto

Last year when I was in Barcelona I passed by a window display that had the most divine pair of suede Jimmy Choo booties perched quite delicately on an alter of worship. I of course had to have my picture taken with it, like a celebrity, and since then those booties were never far from my mind. These were a pair of booties you could dress up or down, and regardless of what you were wearing would always add just the right amount of sexy je ne sais quoi.

At $995 a pop however it kind of feels like you’d be paying the iron price for these Choo’s (unless you’re feeling flush with cash at which point you’d hear me yelling “do it!”) so this Vince Camuto pair is a great alternative because they offer up the same seductive appeal at a fraction of the price.