January 8, 2014

shockingly healthy brownies + blondies

shockinglyhealthyCrave chocolate? You’re not the only one. The appearance of chocolate, and our love for it, began in Mesoamerica around 1,900 BC and in 1569 Pope Pius V even declared that drinking chocolate on Friday didn’t break your fast – my kinda guy.  Fast forward a few hundred years and an ad agency exec, over-worked and stressed, would find herself craving it at every waking moment. No wonder I gained a couple few pounds.


I slowly learned to curb the craving through better nutrition (and a new job), but I always regarded sweets as something ‘restricted’, to enjoy and then feel immediately guilty about afterwards.

It wasn’t until I discovered Shockingly Healthy brownies and blondies, made by holistic nutritionist and personal trainer Lauren Breuer, that I realized I could keep my skinny betch self, satisfy my chocolate craving and feed my  health. Woooooooo!!!!!

how i  met your mother


double chocolate brownie: chickpeas, cocoa, dates, dark chocolate chips, almond milk, coconut oil, water, ground flax seed, sea salt.

blondies: chickpeas, dates, gluten-free flour blend (garbanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, white sorghum flour, fava bean flour), dark chocolate chips, flaked coconut, almond milk, water, ground flax seed, sea salt.

calories: 180 (brownie) 200 (blondie). booya!

Cocoa jacks up your endorphins, coconut oil regulates your metabolism, and chickpeas offer a high source of fiber and protein. And does it give you a sugar high and crash?


So now whenever anyone tells me I need to limit my sweets, eat one of those ridiculous Special K dessert inspired bars to keep the weight off, or any other number of tricks like ‘just have one bite’ well….those misguided people crack me up.


Want to chain your skinny betch and feed your craving at the same time? Here’s where you can get your fix: list of shops

  • Margie

    All amazingly healthy ingredients ( 1 cup of chickpeas has 14gms of protein!) and no sugar crash insight! Stock the freezer for those chocolate-craving days.

    • lifeinblush

      I didn’t realize it had that much protein! Another great reason to indulge in one of these brownies 😉