November 19, 2013

rose-marie swift does my makeup

I’ve been a longtime follower of Canadian-born celebrity makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift (founder of rms beauty) so when I was in HUSK last weekend and learned she would be in town to promote her new products AND do a few makeup applications, well there are literally no words to describe the excitement I felt.

RMS makeup

Rose-Marie took one look at me and knew exactly what colours she wanted to apply. (On a side note, looking through the photos from our glorious time together, I now realize that I bite my lip when I’m listening intently to someone. I guess you just have to love your quirky habits!)

Here’s what she used:

  1. rms beauty oil as a primer
  2. “un” cover-up in #11 under my eyes and a bit on my cheeks (heads up to my blushers who are fair – a lighter shade than #11 is being released next year!)
  3. “un” powder to set the concealer and minimize shine
  4. lip2cheek in ‘diabolique’ – a black cherry shade that was developed for Miranda Kerr and produced in limited quantity
  5. cream eye shadow in ‘seduce’ to contour my cheekbones
  6. ‘buriti’ bronzer on the apples of my cheeks and on my eyelids
  7. living luminizer on my brow bone, the upper portion of my cheekbone and on the inset of my eyes (tip from Rose-Marie: keep it classy and never highlight the bow of your lip)

Miranda Kerr and her dogWhile Miranda was working in Japan Rose-Marie brought along her dog Frankie to Toronto – he’s too cute!

rose-marie swift and life in blush founder Sonja

My expectations of meeting Rose-Marie were far surpassed. Her strong, in-charge personality coupled with a chatty, warmth demeanor immediately put you at ease. We discussed her beauty products, I eagerly lapped up all of her model stories (it was as if I was a kid in the north pole meeting santa) and we chit-chatted about life in general. She was so accommodating to everyone who wanted to ‘sneak in’ for a quick Rose-Marie assessment. Generous with her time and dolling out makeup tips with every product she applied it will certainly go down as one of my most memorable moments this year!

  • Well this is the most amazing blog post of all.time. You look absolutely stunning and I literally can’t imagine a more sublime experience for a green beauty gal! So thrilled for you. Also love this was all hands applied, one of my favorite things about this line! Ack, I’m just totally in awe.

  • sarita coren

    Forget your little biting lip thing, I would have been munching on popcorn and licking up every word too! Love how she made you look. Now I want to hear you dish about everything you learned about her! XOXO

  • That is so exciting! Thanks for documenting this cool experience 🙂 You look beautiful! I’m really loving that Lip 2 Cheek in Diabolique, it’s still on my wish list…

  • So freaking jealous. I want to sit in that chair one day and have her do my make up! You look AWESOME. She’s AWESOME. Rock star status…

    RMS told me I could rock diabolique as I’m also an un-cover in 11 as you are. I wasn’t sure. I think your post might have pushed me over the edge. I should know to listen to them…

    • I stink at bronzer application. You’d have to find a demo on how to use it or make a post on application.

  • Garcy Fry

    You both are stunningly beautiful, inside and out! She is such a remarkable human!

  • That’s amazing!!! I would have been all star-struck 😉 you look absolutely beautiful and glowing! I have never thought to use Seduce as a contour – need to try this.

  • Lucky you! Looks beautiful and sounds like an awesome time 🙂

  • You look flawless Sonja! Thanks for sharing these photos, this is just the coolest thing ever! I feel the urge to go RMS Beauty shopping right away 😉

  • Wow! I really can imagine how exciting it must be to meet her. She is such an inspiring artist. Diabolique looks great on you!

    • lifeinblush

      it was! almost too surreal 🙂 I was unsure about that colour at first, but after seeing it on me I had to snatch a pot up for myself!