December 1, 2014

{review} uma pure energy wellness oil

Uma Pure Energy Wellness Oil I’ve gotten into a nice little routine at work.

I come into the office with my morning herbal tea, or coffee, in hand and chow down on breakfast as I check emails and plan my day.

Fast forward several hours (and meetings) later and I’m usually at my desk starting to bob for apples.

sherlock holmes

Office air drains my energy and concentration so when I find myself wishing I could curl up under my desk for a wee snooze I instead rub a few drops of Uma Pure Energy Wellness Oil onto my temples, the insides of my wrist and then inhale the scent from my fingertips for a few moments. (I’m sure I look a little obsessive).

I perk up. Almost instantly.


Uma is a 100% certified natural & organic line of luxury oils that are grown, extracted, formulated, hand crafted in small batches and bottled on a family estate in India. All of their plants are grown on land chosen for its nutrient-rich soil and are harvested no more than two times before replanting because the first two harvests generate the highest quality essential oils.

colbert & stewart

I stumbled upon Uma while I was scrolling through Twitter one day and they generously sent me a few samples, including the Pure Energy Wellness Oil.

Pure Energy Wellness oil was crafted to naturally fight fatigue, boost energy, stimulate mental agility and concentration, sharpen focus, clear the mind and enhance memory retention.


ingredients: essential oils of ylang ylang, rosemary, patchouli, peppermint, ginger, clary sage, frankincense, basil, jasmine in a jojoba and evening primrose base

application: massage 4-5 drops onto the bottom of your feet, pulse points, temples, behind the ears, or all four. Then take a deep inhale from your hands to really enjoy what therapeutic benefits this blend has to offer! (Also works in aromatherapy diffusers)

performance: I find it so flipping incredible that essential oils from nature can have such an impact on our moods and energy. This blend really worked to perk up my mind and the unexpected bonus was that I could smell the scent around me for hours after. So every time I caught a whiff it would help me to feel focused again.

where to buy: at Uma’s online boutique

price: $85 for 30ml (1 oz). The price may seem like a lot, but you actually use so little each time that this would undoubtedly last you the better part of a year. Making the cost per use mere pennies.

for the win? I find myself reaching for this little bottle every day and personally find true value in it. Scents have a powerful effect on me and can lower my stress levels or change how I’m feeling almost instantly. If you don’t identify with that then you may not get as much out of it, but for those that do wow are you ever in for a treat.

Sample generously provided, but you know the drill all opinions blushing or not are my own. 

  • Love the sound of this oil, but I have to say my favorite part of this post is how perfectly placed your first photo is. It looks like the dog is craning his neck to see what’s going on.

    • I’m SO HAPPY you saw that in the photo too! That’s exactly how I interpreted it as I shot it. Thanks for saying hello Trina! xo

  • I love that everything is made in small batches on land. This brand sounds amazing and I could definitely use an energy boost almost every day of the week.

    • Me too! I also love the fact that they only harvest the plants twice before replanting. That kind of attention to quality gets extra points in my books 🙂