February 23, 2015

{review} studio 78 off we go concealer

life in blush review of studio 78 off we go concealer

If you’ve been following my blog long enough you’ll know that I routinely find myself going on a vision quest to find a nontoxic mascara and concealer that are ‘the one’.

I need a mascara that’s going to give me crazy dramatic length and fullness and a concealer that will deceive the world of my under eye darkness so I can stop scaring small children when I don’t get enough sleep.

I recently read a quote that said men don’t wear makeup because society hasn’t told them they look bad without it.

Interesting position to think about.

meryl streep devil wears prada

However in the meantime, while all that deep thinking is going on, I’m still going to hunt for the ‘one’.

Studio 78 Paris Off We Go concealer is a cult favourite among beauty bloggers so I of course had to see what all the fuss was about. (To see how it looks on me click over to my Instagram here)

life in blush review of studio 78 off we go concealer_close up


ingredients: squalane, olive oil decyl esters, silica, copernicia cerifera cera*, triticum vulgare germ oil*, shea butter*, cera alba*, squalene, sesamum indicum oil unsaponifiables*, citrus grandis peel oil*, limonene, linalool.

100% of the total of the ingredients are natural. Squalane is derived from Olive
20% of the total of the ingredients are from organic agriculture*

texture: this is a cream concealer, but it doesn’t go on dewy like many other cream concealers on the market. Instead it has an instant cream-to-powder effect, which is actually a good thing when it comes to overall performance.

performance: because I’m so fair choosing a colour option is a no-brainer. It’s always the lightest one. At Dawn 01Β goes on matte, has awesome coverage and is not drying whatsoever. I apply a couple of layers in the morning and found that by mid-day it hasn’t creased on me.

On the days when I’ve had little sleep, and the purple looks especially dark, I dab a bit of Kjaer Weis Radiance cream highlighter on first to help light bounce off of the area, thus making it seem less dark. Sometimes even the best concealers need a little help.

While this does a great job of covering up under eye issues, I did test it out on a few blemishes and found that it didn’t do as great a job of minimizing redness. But that being said, the purpose of my test wasn’t to eradicate blemishes so I can’t fault it for that.

price: $34 for 4.5ml (made in Italy)

where to buy: online at the BeauTeaBar

for-the-win? Yes! Apart from Kari Gran’s mineral concealer this is perhaps my next favourite one. Plus the little mirror within the compact is such a brilliant idea for mid-day touch ups.

*Sample generously given, but you know the drill, all opinions blushing or not are my own.

  • Every time I try to test concealer on my guy he ducks and promises me I can do it later… and later never comes. But with that said, There’s few guys I’ve met that I thought to myself “Geeze, this guy looks like he’s just come out of his sarcophagus!” But I’ve on more than one occasion when not wearing concealer gotten the comment, “Did someone beat you up?” lol
    Now I just choose to present myself in no make up so when I do pretty myself up I’ll only get star comments πŸ˜‰

    Sad to hear that the Studio 78’s concealer doesn’t work as a dual eyes + blemish.
    I’m happy with my Lily Lolo concealer, somehow it works on both, but just like you, I somehow can’t resist on searching further…

    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Haha people ask me if I’m sick when I don’t wear concealer. Umm go away.

      It didn’t work for my blemishes, however it could be perfect for someone else! I’ve found through reading other reviews on various products that not everyone has the same experience so I would say still give it a whirl!

      Have a wonderful weekend too Isabel! xo

      p.s. love your “star comment” makeup strategy πŸ˜‰

  • I like that this is a cream to powder finish! Those are always great for oily skin. So do you use different concealers for undereye vs. blemishes? I do! I usually use something a bit brighter/lighter under my eyes to banish the darkness (I get brownish circles under my eyes vs blue ones) and then I use the correct color for my spots. I currently use two different ones from Tarte (I know they aren’t the cleanest, but I like the performance and color options!) and had the same too-slippery feeling with RMS (though it might be nice in cooler weather). Great review!

    • I do too! I tend to use a highlighter under my concealer for under eye and then I typically buff a mineral concealer into any blemishes. I find that Kari Gran works really well for me, especially if I buff the mineral foundation underneath it first. Hope you’ve been having a great week Kim! xo

  • Hmm definitely very interesting to think about that quote regarding men and makeup…
    I’ve been curious about this concealer, how do you think it compares in texture/formula to RMS Un Cover Up? RMS and W3LL People concealer/foundations are currently my 2 faves πŸ™‚

    • Texture and performance wise I like it better than RMS. Because it goes from a cream to powder almost instantly I find it “sets” much faster and doesn’t budge until the end of the day. Whereas with RMS, because of its creamy nature, I found it slipped on me a bit more. Also, colour wise I find At Dawn to be a better match however that’s without testing RMS 00. I need to test the W3LL concealer next!

  • Ana Green

    I really love this concealer, I find the texture easier to work with that RMS but the lid isn’t all that sturdy, mine came off in my hand, the primer is also great though! Xx

  • Hmm, now we need people to tell women that we don’t always necessarily need make-up! πŸ˜€ Anyway, what do you think of linalool and limonene in the product? Also, I realized there’s citrus peel oil present – do you think that will pose a problem of sensitivity to UV rays? I’ve heard a lot of raves for this concealer and have thought of getting it but mainly for concealing blemishes. Sounds like I should just stick to W3LL PEOPLE. πŸ™‚

    • Haha exactly! With regards to the sun sensitivity of the citrus peel oil I believe that when used in very low dilutions the negative effect is negated. Also, it really occurs when the oil is highly undiluted and combined with prolonged sun exposure. I don’t know the percentage of bergaptene (the agent in oils that cause sun sensitivity) in the citrus peel oil used here, but I’ll do some digging! Although I have to believe the % wouldn’t be high as this is a product women wear out in the sun.

      As for linalool and limonene, when naturally occuring, and with low concentrations they’re safe. It’s only when they are synthetically made does the safety concern arise.

      The linalool and limonene molecules are major components in citrus oils and are not actually added ingredients to this product. Here is the official response from Studio 78:

      “Limonene and linalool are not added ingredients, they’re naturally present in Grapefruit essential oil. This substance are widely diffused in the plant world and in particular in natural/organic essential oils
      The concentration in formula is very, very low :
      Limonene 0.0095 %
      Linalool 0.00013 %”

      Hope that helps! xo

      • Hey Sonja, thank you so much for the detailed info, sorry I didn’t respond sooner! Good to know the limonene and linalool is so minute. I will be KIV-ing this concealer. πŸ™‚

  • How does this compare to the Kari Gran one? I’ve never tried this brand, but I’m certainly intrigued. I only wish this concealer worked for spot treating.

    • I find this one gives you fuller coverage more quickly and lasts longer. With Kari Gran, as it’s a mineral concealer (and if you don’t mix it with a serum first to create a liquid version), I have to buff on a few layers to get the coverage I need. That being said both work wonderfully so it’s just how much time you’re willing to spend πŸ™‚

  • I’m pale as heck, so this sounds promising πŸ˜‰ I’m definitely interested in trying out this brand now!

    • It’s pretty good for us fair ladies! What have you tried so far?