October 21, 2014

{review} skin & bones therapy face + body cleanser

Skin & Bones Face and Body Cleanser

A while ago on Twitter my Berlin blogger soul mate Nath and I were gushing about how much we loved the packaging and logo graphic for the skincare line, Skin & Bones Therapy. I believe we even continued our chat on her blog where it spiraled into our shared love of True Blood and Sons of Anarchy (doesn’t the black bottle combined with the logo look incredibly bad ass? No, just me?).

Since then I’ve had this brand on my radar…and I have to admit my expectations were high.


ingredients: saponified organic coconut, olive, and jojoba oil, organic guar extract, organic aloe vera, rosemary extract, eucalyptus essential oil, organic jojoba beads, Skin & Bones Proprietary Blend of essential oils (ylang ylang, rosewood, lemon, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, jasmine, grapefruit, cedarwood)

Skin & Bones Face and Body Cleanser_close

performance: this is truly a unisex product because the scent is manly enough to appeal to guys without being too masculine that it would turn away the ladies. You can really pick up on the notes of rosewood, cedarwood and grapefruit giving it this musky, sexy and completely intoxicating aroma. I’ll even shove it under the nose of my close friends when they come over (because they know and accept my neurosis) yelling “smell it!”.

Due to the saponified coconut, olive, and jojoba oils the cleanser lathers up nicely and the jojoba beads are so gentle you don’t even notice them. At first I was nervous that my skin would feel tight/dry afterwards (which is usually the case when I try foaming cleansers), but I was happily proven wrong.

Founder Heidi Jenkins created her products based on intuition and lessons from Native American medicine and you can definitely tell she hit on a blend that respects and supports the skin’s delicate balance. Her blend of carrier and essential oils are also perfect for dry or acne-prone skin (unless of course you’ve been dealt a raw hand and coconut oil is actually your arch nemesis) and one small pump is all you need to do your entire face, which makes it a very cost-effective product.

The only negative I can call out is that it doesn’t really remove eye makeup. Lazy bones me is so used to oil cleansers doing everything, but at the end of the day having to reach for an oil to remove your makeup is not that bad. Again, it’s just me being lazy.

price: $42 US, 200ml

where to buy: online at BeauTeaBar

for-the-win? Given the amount you get for the price you pay, coupled with the gorgeous smell and ingredients that have amazing healing powers and boom! Winning.

new girl

  • Oooh! What a tantalizing description, Sonja. It really is an elegant looking bottle. I love me some black jars and bottles. Maybe we were wizards or herbal healer womyn in former lives? I’d kinda like to think so. Have not tried this brand yet but the coconut oil prevents me from dipping in. [As an aside, I’ll have a post about that up soon. Sooo interesting!]

    • I totally think we were. And we were awesome ones at that 😉 Can’t wait to read your coconut oil post, it’s such an amazing oil that it’s too bad some people’s skin can’t get jiggy with it 🙁

  • The packaging is gorgeous! Unfortunately, my skin does not react well to coconut oil for cleansing boooooooooooo. Will check out the rest of the range though, need some more luxe black bottles on my shelf!

  • Oooooo! I want to try! I haven’t been able to get into oil based cleansers really… perhaps I am doing them wrong, but I want to try this one because it sounds light!

    • It’s is! Incredibly light like whip cream 😀

  • Would love to try this! And haha, I can relate. Whenever I have a new product that smells amazing (I.e. lip balm, face oil, or random scented eraser), I always force/ask politely for my friends to sniff it. That truly is beautiful packaging and BeaTeaBar is one of my favorite places to shop.

  • Hmmm, I can smell the heavenly potion right through the monitor…
    I’m a bit sad to not be using it anymore -> *sadface* <- but I understand that an intense perfume can divide the minds and boy, does it divide the minds in our house! 😀

    • Oh ma gawd the SMELL! It is a little intense, but for my nose it’s just right…the perfect blend of woodsy, musky and sweet and now has a permanent spot in my house. I guess one of the perks to living alone huh? 😉

  • Nice post! I am intrigued by this brand! I love this kind of cleanser.
    Just one question: what is the black area on the picture? Merci!

    • I was intrigued myself for such a long time and I’m so glad I finally tried it out 🙂 Hmm not sure what you mean by the “black area”… are you referring to the first or second photo?

      • hehhe, I am talking about the 2nd picture…the black area alongside the pipette :-)?