March 25, 2015

{review} sigrid wild mane hair oil

sigrid natural skin care wild mane hair oil

I love having long hair, but having long hair means you fall into the trap of frequently staring at the tips, obsessing over how dry it is or how many split ends you have (I’ve taken out my scissors once or twice…ok several times).

My obsession with Living Libations shampoo and conditioner taught me how awesome nettle and horsetail was for my hair,  so when I saw it on the list of ingredients for Sigrid’s Wild Mane Oil I immediately snatched up a bottle.

When I’m in need of a little mind feng shui’ing (or the staring at my ends is at an all time high because I’m due for a trim) I’ll coat my mane with this gorgeous smelling oil and pop into a sauna to let it do it’s work and keep my hair soft and silky.

Ok, listen up and let me break this beauty down for you.



ingredients: extra virgin olive, oil infused with nettle, horsetail and rosemary essential oil

benefits: stinging nettles, one of nature’s superfoods, is abundant in silica, iron, chlorophyll and vitamins A, D, and K, plus mineral and flavonoid-rich horsetail nourishes, improves elasticity and strengthens hair follicles. It also helps to prevent split ends, eliminate dandruff and cleanse the scalp and hair through it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


  • normal hair – apply one 1 tsp – 1 tbsp, depending on the size and condition of your hair, and let it seep in for about an hour (bonus points if you hop into a steam room or sauna!) 1-3 x per week.
  • hair repair intensive treatment – generously apply oil to hair and scalp and sleep infused overnight three times per week or more. (Use a towel or old pillowcase to protect against oil stains).
  • frizzy hair – apply small amounts to tips of hair or pat hair down.
  • dry scalp – apply directly to scalp as needed.

performance: it’s so great. so. so.great. I can’t gush enough about how incredible these ingredients are for your hair. I try to do a treatment at least 1x per week and I can really tell the difference when I slack off.

price: $26.35 for 125 ml

where to buy: online here or in-store at Husk

for-the-win? I had one of my friends over to “oil up her hair” and use my sauna and she was so impressed with how her hair felt afterwards that I got an excited text asking where she could buy a bottle.

So yes, definitely one for the win!

  • What, you have an at-home-sauna?! Now I envy you…

    Anyhoo… My hair turns greasy fast, but I still am seduced to try me some hair oil. I’ve been eyeing Fushi’s hair oil, but this one sound oh-so-intersting too! Olive oil infused with nettles?! I either have to buy or try to make my own infusion this summer!

    • I wish! It’s the sauna in my condo building, but it’s always empty when I go to use it so it feels like my own haha.

      If you make this infusion let me know how it turns out! (and then share the recipe!!). Hope you’re having a great weekend Isabel! xx

      • Oh, then I’m less jelly ;P

        Of course! Infusions needs to sit in the sun for a couple of weeks (long process, maybe why not many make their own?) so we’ll have to wait for the summer to start ^^

        I forgot, happy Easter! <3

  • must try this!!!

  • Hmm, now that I’m slowly entering the mane club territory, this review comes timely. I wonder if I can get something similar this side of the big pond. The ingredients sound really good! (However I couldn’t pull off the sauna thing, way too hot for me. I know, I know, what kind of Russian can’t handle sauna?)

    Oh and there’s one hardcore hair/scalp mask from Russia I’m yet to try (but here also: chicken!): grated horseradish in a bit of an oil. I’d say it burns like shit but they say hair grows like nobody’s business.

    • My darling you must try an infared sauna! You’re sitting there, not realizing your internal core is rising, and then all of a sudden bam! You’re a sweaty hot mess, but my god you feel detoxified and refreshed!

      I’m sure (and hope!) you can find something similar, my hair has never felt softer than after an oil treatment. I’m actually doing one right now!

      Horseradish in oil? Hmmm I’d have to say I’m a wee chicken to try that as well O_O

      Hope all is well Nath and that you’re having a great weekend! xoxo