March 10, 2015

{review} sappho cosmetics liquid foundation

life in blush wearing sappho liquid foundation in mia

If you follow me on Instagram (you should!) you would have seen this photo that I recently posted where I got myself out of my Saturday sweats and into a dress for a black tie event.

(You all know how much I love any kind of fancy pants moment)

Most often when I dress up I like to keep my makeup simple. A flawless face, slight contouring, a bold lip, a winged eye liner and sex kitten lashes!

On this particular night I chose to create my flawless canvas with Sappho Cosmetics liquid foundation in ‘Mia’.

sappho cosmetics liquid foundation

I’ve been testing this foundation out for a few months now and have been pretty impressed for three main reasons:

#1. Due to the gorgeous blend of essential oils it smells awesome (see ingredient list below).

Now you might be asking yourself “is scent that important in a foundation?”

new girl_nick

#2. Light in texture, I felt like I was putting on a moisturizer instead because of how hydrating it was. I’m serious.

The essential and carrier oils used in this foundation make it incredibly soothing, repairing and hydrating to the skin.


#3. It will last as long as you do. At the club until 2am? No prob. It’ll still be going strong.

aziz ansari

Ok so now that you know why I love it let’s break it down.

ingredients: organic aloe juice, organic jojoba oil, titanium dioxide, organic rooibos extract, organic calendula extract, emulsifying wax, organic green tea extract, vitamin E, iron oxide, mica, zinc oxide, rosemary extract, neem, stearic acid, meadowfoam oil, carrot oil, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), frankincense essential oil, tea tree essential oil, rockrose essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, lavender essential oil, roman chamomile essential oil, konjac glucomannan (mannan), citric acid. *No dimethicone*

coverage: light to medium and practically perfect. It evened out my skin to a a gorgeous porcelain finish.

price: $52 for 30ml

where to buy: online or in store at The Detox Market

for-the-win?ย  owww yeeaaah


  • LB Johnson

    I have spent so many hundreds of dollars over the years for foundation I end up throwing at as it has toxic ingredients, bad coverage or made me break out. Finally, my perfect foundation and the Mia share is perfect for my copper colored hair and fair rosy cheeks.

  • I’m pretty close to giving up foundation completely… You know how you once wore jeans and then you got yourself a pair of yoga pants and got all too comfortable in them, so now when you wear jeans you can’t wait to come home and jump into your leggings? It’s kind of the same with me and foundation, I feel like I have a mask that may make me look chic and awesome, but I can’t wait to take it off! haha

    But maybe this Sappho can change it all? I will have to try ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Organic Makeup Sale

    Why spend $54.95 for just the foundation when you can get foundation,
    blush, eye shadow AND lip gloss for only $69.95 –

    • This is a ROUGE site. Purchasing from Organic Makeup Sale hurts Sappho and and authorized retailers.

      Sappho has also mentioned this on their Facebook page in case you need further information.

      • Organic Makeup Sale

        Dear Amber Karlson,
        You are making false accusation and that is against the law. You must be careful in where you are getting your informations and what you are saying publicly on line. Our company and product is 100% legit

        Organic makeup sale team

        • This is a site selling product for which they have no bill of sale . they appear to feel comfortable threatening women – speaks volumes.

  • Great post! I’ve been curious about this foundation but haven’t heard much about it. This definitely sounds like a great product to me! Now my only problem is figuring out which shade I am…

    • It truly is a great foundation! I would rank it up there with my love for Kjaer Weis’ option ๐Ÿ™‚

  • pjancakes

    Looking great! I’m glad it is not just you that mentionned the smell. I thought I was crazy when I smelled it .I want to say it smells kind of spicy? like cinnamony? I’m really bad at describing smells. I purchased mine at Green Beauty in uptown and halllllejuah when it went on my face

    • The smell is so great right?! When I was writing my review I spent a good 5 mins sniffing it trying to identify the scent, but couldn’t quite articulate it, haha. So happy to hear you love it too!

      p.s how is your skin doing? still loving the province apothecary products? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • heladodelรบcuma

        definitely think it is one of my fav green bases that i have tried! province products are still doing magic to the skin. thank you so much for introducing me to them!!! definitely going to need to order more custom serum soon >:)

  • Heather Sin

    I loved this post! Haha it was fun to read and I loved the gifs you added. Also, you look so pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ahh thanks Heather! So happy you said hello and that you got a kick out the gifs! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • You look gorgeous! As does the sound of this foundation. I have to give this a try! I’d also love to know what other products you used, especially for the stunning red lip.

    • Thanks love! Ok here’s what else I’m wearing:

      1. Lip = I mixed ‘perfect day’ with ‘linger’ from Ilia Beauty
      2. Lashes = W3ll People mascara
      3. Brows/under eye liner = Kjaer Weis ‘earthy calm’
      4. Top eye liner = Studio 78 black eye pencil as a base and then I went over it with Alima Pure satin matte black eyeliner (it’s a powder that you mix with water to create a liquid liner)
      5. Cheeks = Kjaer Weis ‘desired glow’ to contour’ and ‘suntouched’ on the apples


  • I’ve been using this for a couple months too and love it! The coverage is perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So good right?! I’m almost out and will definitely be buying it again ๐Ÿ™‚