April 30, 2013

{review} rms beauty ‘un’ powder

rms beauty 'un' powder

rms beauty ‘un’ powder is advertised as a setting powder that promises to “minimize the look of pores, soften skin and absorb oil”. And let me tell you that little beauty delivers!

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Not only did my skin feel crazy soft (like underbelly of a cat soft), but it literally looked as shine-free at the end of the night as it did first thing in the morning when I applied it. I’m not even kidding. I’m convinced this powder could mattify even the oiliest of skins.

Being made of 100% pure silica (not the same as silicone) ‘un’ powder appears white in the container, but goes on colourless – truly a one size fits all product and not something that’s going to leave you looking like Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

rms beauty 'un' powder_2

I tried to apply it with the puff that was included, but found it much easier to use a blush brush to distribute it over my T-zone and on top of my concealer. I left the rest of my face untouched because I like a dewy look, but if you’re on the side of ‘team matte’ then use it all over. Also, if you wear foundation then this product would be applied afterwards.

I’m so impressed with how well this powder performed that after I finish up with my other pressed powder it’ll be the only one I buy from now on.

  • Maria

    could you be so kind to precise what blush brush do you use for this powder? Thanks!

    • Hi Maria
      I like to use kabuki brushes as I find their big, fluffy shape is perfect for dusting powder on your face. Essentially any blush brush that has a large head will work well though, and I even find that when I’m in a pinch and don’t have a brush nearby using an angled face sponge does the trick too.

      thanks for saying hello!

  • Pemberley Jones

    I love everyting RMS makes, this is one of the few things I haven’t tried yet. My skin is usually so dry that I don’t need them, but your review has me rethinking things! I’m loving your blog!

    • I usually shy away from powders of any sort because my skin, pre-facial oil discovery, was very dry and the powder would show it all. However, the coverage is so sheer that you couldn’t tell I had applied anything – even under my eyes where normal powder would throw up flashing lights to signal to the world that I had fine lines! Couple that with how it keeps you shine free and this is a definite must-try in my books. If you do try it please let me know what you think. I’m always curious to know others opinions 🙂

      xo Sonja

  • Brittanae

    LOVED this review Sonja! Thanks for sharing with your readers–and we’re thrilled you’re enjoying the ‘un’powder 🙂 xoxo

  • Maria @Orchard Bloom

    I’ve been dying to try this! I only use powder to set my under eye concealer. Do you think this will work for that purpose?


    • Absolutely! I primarily use it to set my concealer and dust over my t-zone. I’m so ecstatic about how well this product works and definitely think you’ll love it too. Let me know if you end up getting it!

  • Giana

    As someone who hates wearing make-up in the summer because of the extra-shine factor, this is on the shopping list!

  • Alicia

    I will be buying this ! Thanks for the review – very helpful!

    • You’re going to love it! It really is a game changer.

  • Marge

    Another great product and tip!! Thanks

    • Glad you enjoyed the review! Happy Tuesday 🙂