April 11, 2014

{review} rms beauty defining mascara

rms beauty defining mascara_1

The latest product to join the line-up of cult-hits from rms beauty this year was a mascara in two formulations – Defining and Volumizing. As soon as I got the tweet that luxe green beauty boutique Husk had finished stocking their shelves of both formulas I bolted out of work and ran over. My reward was never-been-touched mascara samples for me to try out. If you’re a beauty junkie like me you’ll know just how exciting the thought of a fresh tester is.

I tried Volumizing on one eye and Defining on the other and then stepped back to take a good, hard look. Both did a wonderful job of separating and adding length, but it was the Defining formula that added a bit more ooomph so I smacked down my credit card on the counter and wildly exclaimed “I’ll take it!”.


wand & application: the wand for Defining was actually quite unique when compared to the Volumizing option (it’s much smaller and tighter) and it’s what I think allowed the formula to give my lashes a bit more of a dramatic finish.

rms beauty defining mascara_2

The only drawback to this wand however is that the product seemed to cling to it when you took it out of the tube. Applying it to your lashes with gobs of product on the wand will cause clumps of mascara to be deposited on your lashes in uneven spots -which in turn requires extra effort to even it out.

rms beauty defining mascara_3

So, I instead wiped each side of the wand on the lip of the tube to get it as clean as possible before starting. One dip in the tube is more than enough to do both lashes, but I still found I had to use my fingers to smooth out it out a tad once it was on (I applied two coats). Not a huge con, but you do need to take your time applying it so if you’re in a rush you may find yourself getting a little flustered. Unless of course your mind is in a constant state of feng-shui -at which point you need to call me immediately.

performance: I took this picture at the end of the day and there wasn’t a bit of flaking or smudging, but there has been. Since the formula is made with certified organic oils and butters (in addition to mineral pigments and waxes) it will create raccoon eyes if you’re working out, if you tend to break out into nervous sweats around cute boys, or if you have hooded eyes (in which case if wear powder eye shadow on your lids you should be ok).

rms beauty defining mascara_4

price: $32 CAD

wear to buy: in store at Husk (Toronto), or online at rms beauty, Spirit Beauty Lounge

for-the-win? this wasn’t my favourite mascara, even though the end result was awesome, because of how finicky the application was. I wouldn’t buy it again, but I would buy the Volumizing formula instead to test out for a longer period of time as the application was much quicker (from my experience in store) and still gave a really nice finish.

  • Thanks for the review. I’m struggling if I should buy it or not. I’ve trtied several “natural” formulas already and had so many flakes on my face in a very short time.
    I’ll try volumizing, have seen very good reviews about it.

    • Hi Valeria! I love a lot of rms beauty products, but unfortunately this one is a little too high maintenance in application for me to re-purchase. I too have read good reviews regarding their voluminizing formula so that might be worth a try; otherwise have you tried kjaer weis or w3ll people?

      • I’ve tried Neal’s Yard and it was on my cheeks in the next 30 mins (I haven’t even had a chance to step outside of my house…) and I’ve tried W3ll people, was better, I mean gave me longer wear, but it flaked on me too.
        And about Kjaer Weis, first I was excited about the formula, but then I’ve checked the other make up in this line and saw that eye shadows have talc… So, the brand is not complete in the “natural & healthy” production. I think I will not try it, it’s like changing religion for me…

  • Your lashes look great! Super defined. I’m still loving my voluminizing formula…how is this one at keeping the curl?

    • lifeinblush

      It keeps curl well! And it does really define your lashes, but it takes a bit of work. Overall it is a good mascara, but I’m just not willing to be that fussy. Glad to hear you’re loving the volumizing!

  • Thanks for your honest review. Natural mascara… such a drama queen.