February 20, 2015

{review} priti nyc soy nail polish remover

life in blush review of priti nyc nail polish remover

Do you ever find yourself laughing over the irony of using a non-toxic nail polish only to use a toxic nail polish remover to get rid of it when it starts to chip?

I do.

There are so many options on the market for clean nail polishes, but it’s been much harder to track down a toxic-free nail polish remover that you didn’t have to order online, or that wasn’t overpriced.

I had heard about Priti NYC’s soy nail polish remover for awhile now, but because it was only available in the USA and due to our fluctuating Canadian dollar value I put off taking the plunge. And embarrassingly stuck to my bottle of Sally Hansen.

That is until now. Why now?

The Detox Market, one of my favourite green beauty shops, just started to carry it in store so I pretty much skipped all the way there a couple of weeks ago to pick up a bottle of Lemongrass Scent and test it out.

First off the scent of lemongrass is

adam levine

and if lemongrass isn’t your lady jam then there is an unscented option available.

Secondly, I love how efficiently it takes off even the darkest of nail colours. The best trick I found is to dampen the cotton pad first with the oil and then hold it against your nail for 5-10 seconds. After that rubbing it off is a breeze. Otherwise you’re just rubbing at it for longer.

A 59 ml bottle will run you $15 and if you’re used to paying $4 for 300 ml it will seem like a lot, but remember this: cost per use is low (as a little goes a long way) and it doesn’t contain chemicals linked to reproductive and thyroid issues.

So if you’re still using a nail polish remover that’s messing with your body’s feng shui


product note: the soy in Priti NYC’s remover is a highly refined material. It does not include proteins, is extremely low in fatty acids, and has no measurable DNA, or other hormone creating structures, that we are aware of. There have been no reports of soy allergic reactions of any type.

  • the stuff that nail polish does to your nails is pretty awful and I’ve been avoiding nail polish lately! I can’t stand the scent of nail polish remover, so one that’s natural and smells like lemon grass sounds really appealing! I think introducing some natural options is what I need to get into wearing nail polish again!

    • There are so many awesome options for clean nail polishes! My go-to fav right now is Treat Collection, and RGB is another great option to try 🙂

      p.s. I LOVE your red lip in your profile pic! What is it?

  • This sounds lovely. I have been trying to find a natural polish remover, as I’ve just used up my other one that isn’t as pure as I’d like it to be.

    • Which one are you using? 🙂

      • I’ve been using one by Zoya, but it took me awhile to find the full ingredient list as it wasn’t available on their website.