March 18, 2014

{review} osmia organics body oils

osmia organics body oil review

osmia organics was started by Dr. Sarah Villafranco in 2010 who wanted to “guide people to make healthier choices for their skin, their bodies, their minds, and this beautiful planet” and so began a line, with particular attention placed on scent and its aromatherapeutic benefits, that created more than a few cult favourites.

My first introduction to osmia organics was their spot treatment, that I pretty much equate to as a magic eraser for zits, so one night while watching Runaway Bride and sipping on a delicious glass of vino I hopped over to their site to place a more extensive order. Included in that order was two bottles of body oils – ‘night’ and ‘flower’ – and, to my squeal of excitement when I opened the box, two decent samples of ‘water lily’ and ‘sunset’. But before I get into the actual review I’m going to nerd out for a moment as to why body oils are such an important part of your beauty routine.

nerd moment: Your skin is covered in acid-loving bacteria (or lactobacillus acidophilus, the most aggressive bacteria in the world) that protect us, like a force field, from undesirable organisms. If you’re constantly swimming in chlorinated water or washing with soap (that is alkaline) the oils on your skin are broken down and the good bacteria is killed. Alkaline-loving bacteria can then attack the hole in the force field causing your immune system’s back-up defence (white blood cells) to kick in. Applying oils on the skin creates acidity for the lactobacillus acidophilus to live in and keep your force field strong (I’m so tempted to add a Star Wars gif in here right now).


ingredients: click here for ‘night’; click here for ‘flower’; click here for ‘water lily’; click here for ‘sunset’

application: this took awhile to get used to, but you have to apply it on completely wet skin (no towel drying!) … and then wait a few minutes for it to absorb. Standing around nekkid with no purpose can feel a little weird, but brush your teeth, floss or catch up on celebrity gossip (click here for my favourite site) -the key is to let the oil absorb, otherwise you’re just wasting it.

scent: some people are great about smelling a product and knowing exactly what’s in it. I’m not one of those people. I instead equate scents to scenarios or feelings.

  • water lily – the one that I thought would be my least favourite actually ended up being the one I’m obsessed with. It’s completely grounding. Whenever I inhale it a vision of me sitting on a dock surrounded by marshlands, a setting sun and lots of zen-invoking quietness pops into my mind
  • sunset – very sweet; something I would have worn when I was younger and immediately made me think of deanna carter’s song strawberry wine 
  • flower – this one made me think of the time I went to Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, beside Buckingham Palace. The overwhelming beautiful scent of roses is exactly what this formula has captured for me
  • night – one sniff of this and you’ll be ready to cocoon for the night under a fluffy duvet

price (2 oz): water lily ($27); sunset ($34); flower ($24); night ($22)

where to buy: online here


Sherlock_Martin Freeman

  • I LOVE body night oil. The scent is intoxicating!

    • lifeinblush

      it is! You’ll notice that the bottle in the photo is stained with oil on the outside….this is from my over-excitement to get it out of the bottle and on to my skin!

  • Mademoiselle nature

    Looking really lovely and nourishing 🙂 x

    • lifeinblush

      they are! I find them to be super hydrating in addition to the wonderful calming effects their scents have 🙂

  • Margie

    How can anyone not want to immediately have these body oils after such a lovely review?!! Love the explanatory paragraph on skin health and the great gif at the end sums it all up 🙂

    • lifeinblush

      haha glad you love my nerd moment 🙂