September 3, 2013

{review} one love organics rose body serum

OLO rose body serum

Apart from under-eye darkness my other stage 5 clinger arch nemesis is dry skin. I invested some serious time, and coin, bringing my face into hydration feng shui, but I left the rest of body to fend for itself…no wonder it acted up all the time like an ignored kid.

Garcy, from Eco Diva Beauty, originally sent me a sample of the One Love Organics rose aromatic body serum, but I immediately bought a full sized bottle as soon as it ran out. Here’s why:

score card:

ingredients: capric/caprylic triglyceride, elderberry extract, sea buckthorn oil, pumpkin seed oil, proprietary natural & organic fragrance compounds, calendula flower extract, st. john’s wort extract, red rooibos tea extract

packed with anti-oxidants and highly moisturizing oils like seabuckthorn and pumpkin seed, it also contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ingredients that work to calm rosacea, eczema and acne.

packaging: glass bottle with a spray nozzle

performance: I use it after the shower when my skin is still damp for maximum moisture absorption. Easy to distribute (thanks to the spray nozzle), this serum is non-greasy, light in texture and is quickly devoured by the skin.

My legs used to be crazy itchy (image the awkwardness of trying to discreetly scratch them on the subway; some kid would inevitably give me an awful stare), but I noticed an immediate difference in the level of dryness and irritation after using it. I guess all my skin needed was a little attention and love.

price: $41 for 90ml

for-the-win? absolument! I’m usually not a fan of floral-scented products, but this one has a very subtle rose aroma making it perfect for me. If rose isn’t your jam, OLO also has lavender and neroli body serums.

  • @Anagoesgreen

    I love rose scented products this sounds lovely 🙂

    • you will love this then! Delicately scented and deeply moisturizing, what’s not to love?! Have you tried anything else from her line?

  • Margie

    Another fantastic review of a MUST have skin care product with an enticing bottle that demands attention. I’m sold!!