June 21, 2014

{review} odacité private collection ‘a summer in hossegor’

life in blush review of odacite a summer in hossegor facial oilWelcome to the Summer Solstice blushers! We are now at the halfway point of 2014 (can you believe it?) and the start of summer marks a time to celebrate the fullness of our lives, to manifest our dreams, and to observe the heightened feminine energy that the full moon in Sagittarius brings.

Full moons are best used to express our sensual, creative and intuitive side and I am definitely riding its wave as I type away here on my computer about Odacite’s private collection facial oil “A Summer in Hossegor”!

Crafted for the founder’s mother, who spends her summers at the family’s home in the south of France, this gorgeous concoction is meant to fade brown spots, reduce fine lines & wrinkles, & bring a more radiant, toned appearance to the skin.

The first thing that hit me when I did the sniff test (as you know how I love to do) is that it smelled like a basket of fresh blueberries! Sweet, juicy blueberries that made me instantly crave a handful, or at the very least a cup of blueberry tea. Off to a good start, this oil definitely caught my attention and I immediately whipped out the ingredient list to see how high I should take my level of excitement.

ingredients: organic wild carrot seed oil, organic wild-crafted blueberry seed oil, organic papaya seed oil, organic buruti oil.

Yep, excitement is rising at a fast pace.


Let me break it down for you …

Wild carrot seed oil is usually in the middle of an ingredient list or bringing up the rear, but it’s such an underrated powerhouse. It has been shown to stimulate healing by regenerating the skin and bringing balance to both oily and dry tissue.

The inclusion of wild-crafted blueberry seed oil in a facial oil blend is quite foreign to me, but made me wonder why more products don’t use it? Nature is giving, nay, throwing this potent gift at us, capable of significantly fighting free radicals that age our skin.

From my conversations with Julie Clark of Province Apothecary about DIY facial masks, I knew that papaya seed oil was another underutilized beauty that, like carrot seed oil, deserved more of a starring role. Papaya seed oil is rich in a natural fruit enzyme, ‘papain’, which dissolves dead skin cells and helps to prevent/eliminate brown spots.

Last, but certainly not least, buriti oil delivers one of the richest sources of beta-carotene, in addition to providing Vitamin A, antioxidants, and fatty acids to your skin. It has also been found to filter and absorb cancer causing UV rays from the sun and protect the skin against the sun’s free radicals.

performance: toned, soft, luminous and dewy skin. everything it had promised and I had hoped would deliver.

price: $159 for 0.5 oz

where to buy: online or in-store at the detox market

for-the-win? this is one of the more expensive facial oils I’ve tested out, but I’ve been using it for about a month now and have lots left. If it lasts me another two weeks using it 2x day then that would be about $1.80 per use. Not a bad price for an oil that’s going to help you bring your A game.


Thanks for joining me this week blushers, I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend! xo

*sample generously provided, but you know the drill – all opinions blushing or not are my own!

  • Loving Odacite!!! x

  • Nic Gustafsson

    Have had my eye on Odacite for a while now but afraid I won’t be shelling out for anything for another year while I’m still a student- need to start earning those dineros again! Great post and what a lovely sounding oil!

    • Haha I hear you Nic! I have several more oils to test and would normally sweat bullets over shelling out that kind of cash, but I can’t get over the kind of results it delivers. Take a look at the odacite non private collection oils – they’re much more economical and I’m sure would deliver the same awesomeness 😀 Happy Summer Solstice love! Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂

  • HAAA your GIFs make me laugh so much! The bridesmaids one in your last post then these, too funny! Wow, pricey but the ingredients sound lovely x

    • Haha I giggle to myself as I’m writing these posts. Glad you like them too! Hope you’re enjoying the first day of summer!