May 14, 2014

{review} odacité a spring in tokyo

life in blush review of odacite a spring in tokyo Odacité is a green beauty brand I’ve seen decorate the impeccably stylish shelves of The Detox Market for awhile now and have always been curious about. I love the fact that in addition to creating anything-but-dull serums, like ‘blueberry jasmine’ and ‘buriti limi’, they’ve also developed a seasonally-inspired Private Collection that currently contains ‘A Summer in Hossegor‘ and ‘An Autumn on the World‘. The serums in the Private Collection are $159 per 0.5oz so when The Detox Market reached out to me to try out the latest addition, ‘A Spring in Tokyo’ I believe my mind (and/or my actual voice) yelled holllllaaaa! emma stone Ok, so why was ‘A Spring in Tokyo’ created and what was going to make it rock my world?

Originally custom blended for a Japanese kabuki actress, who was suffering from premature wrinkles, loss of firmness and breakouts. A Spring in Tokyo is a potent age-defying serum that melts into the skin to revive aging and blemished skin. It contains Tamanu oil to help with breakouts, Hazelnut oil to tightened pores, Sacha Inchi to strengthen the skin’s ability to handle pollutants and Rara Pitanga leaf oil known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Yes. Yes I really want to test this baby out.

scorecard ingredients: amazonian sacha inchi oil, camellia seed oil, rare pitanga leaf oil, tamanu oil, hazelnut seed oil, jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, litsea cubeba fruit oil, lavandin flower/leaf oil, verbena flower/leaf oil, pink grapefruit peel oil, rose flower oil, jasmine flower oil, mimosa flower extract, palmarosa leaf oil, ylang ylang flower oil, vetivert root oil

life in blush review of odacite a spring in tokyo -look at that gorgeous serum! texture & scent: rich in colour, and with a definite ‘presence’ to its texture, this oil smells like freshly cut grass (due to the vetivert oil) with a touch of sweetness to me.

performance: prior to testing this brand my skin hadn’t been acting up and was actually in pretty good shape so I wasn’t sure what kind of outcome I’d see. After three weeks of twice-daily use this serum, and I don’t say this lightly, blew my mind. Here’s why:

  1. firmness – I’m nowhere near the age of vainly entertaining the notion of a face lift, but I’m also not 18. My skin is aging and while I embrace it as a beautiful part of life I also couldn’t stop staring in the mirror when I began to notice how the serum created a very visible firmness to my skin.
  2. balance – I typically wake up with oily patches on my face, but with ‘A Spring in Tokyo’ my face was completely even and free of congestion that normally plagues my cheeks.
  3. absorption – perhaps one of the fastest absorbing oils I’ve tried to-date this blend quickly penetrates the skin and provides a perfect canvas for applying makeup.

price: $159 (0.5 oz)

where to buy: online or in-store at The Detox Market

for-the-win? downton abbey_lady grantham But I’ll try. On performance alone I give this blend a very enthusiastic “yes, totally FTW!”, but it is expensive. If you’re feeling flush with cash girl you go for it, otherwise I’d definitely recommend you put it on your wish list!

Sample generously provided, but you know the drill -opinions, blushing or not, are my own!

  • Michelle Horgan

    I have A Summer in Hossegor and a few of the smaller oils and I LOVE it! Yes it’s crazy expensive but I’m getting up there in age (cough 45) and damnit we all deserve some pretty things. I have the oil from this line for the eyes (which frigging works amazingly) and one for pimples (which also works on stubborn spots)
    You can find the whole range of oils at HUSK in Yorkville, it’s such a nice shop and carries lines like The Body Deli, Yarok, RMS and many other items. The staff is not “Yorkish” they are all very friendly and quick to tell you if you don’t need something, which is a change!

    • We do deserve to treat ourselves!! I also love Husk and the staff there! Have you tried the cookies from the Shockingly Healthy line? omn nom nom…:D

      what oil do you use for pimples? I’m so curious to try it and see how it stacks up against my favourite from osmia organics.

      thanks for saying hello Michelle, hope you had a great day!

      • Michelle Horgan

        It’s the one from Odacite just called pimples…clears them up quick! I want them all but how much oils is too much? I’d be slip sliding away if I used any more. Big trick though is to spray your face first or use on damp skin, it seems to make them soak in much quicker for the mornings when we gotta get to work.

        How do you like The Detox Market? I havnt been there yet but was wondering if they carry many products. I really wanted to try Earth Elements shampoo and conditioner (crazy expensive) but they only have it in the California store.

        • Hi Michelle! so sorry that I missed your reply. Love that you dampen your face before you apply your oil – that’s my trick too! And I do quite like the detox market; they have a great selection of products that range in price so it’s great for beginners as well as seasoned green beauty shoppers. I haven’t seen earth elements, but I’m going to keep my eye open as I’m curious now! Have a great weekend! xx

  • This sound amazing, I was just tweeting out from @getusullied for facial product that has tightening properties to it! This sounds like it fits the bill! I need to try this!

    • hey lady! It certainly firms like nobody’s business, but it wasn’t until about week 3 that I began to see this. Let me know what you think if you try it out! xx

  • Lovely and super stylish brand! would love to try all their line! x

    • I’m in the same boat! I know want to try the rest of the Private Collection….and then everything else they have 😀