November 4, 2014

{review} nūdus

life in blush wearing nudus bittersweet lipstick

I have a ridiculous amount of lipsticks.

Like obscene.

I’ll even admit that my makeup bag is perhaps 70% lipsticks.

Colours, textures, pigmentation, ingredients, packaging. It all gets my heart racing.

When I first came across Nūdus, a line of certified organic lipsticks handcrafted in small batches out of Australia, I was drawn to the incredibly vibrant offering of colours and the website’s design and photography (being a marketer I can’t help but notice and appreciate a beautiful site). I love how they use tasteful nude (but not revealing) photography, like here, to reinforce the idea that their formulations are stripped bare of anything harmful.

Nūdus is the first company in Australia to have the COSMOS Organic certification on their lipsticks, certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). The ACO is the most recognized certification body in Australia and through out the world.

Nūdus is audited once a year and their ingredients have full traceability, meaning the company can prove where they’re sourced from and more importantly how they’re processed. Their ingredient list is actually pretty impressive, containing some true powerhouses like marula seed oil, moringa oil, neem oil, kiwi seed oil, holy basil extract, and turmeric.

I quickly snapped up two shades, bitter sweet and 27 kisses (bitter sweet shown in the photo above) from the BeauTeaBar and I ‘m pretty sure you’re going to see a photo on my instagram page (come follow me!) soon showcasing the entire line.

nudus bittersweet and 27 kisses

What do I love about these lipsticks?

The richness of colour (bitter sweet is a gorgeous burnt orange and 27 kisses is a pefect go-to earthy nude), hydration (even though they’re a matte formulation), longevity (they lasted well beyond my first coffee!), their unique packaging, and the fact that the ingredients are so pure it doesn’t matter if I end up nibbling on 7lbs of it in my lifetime.

Do I dislike anything about them?


Nothing comes to mind. Seriously, these babies have a permanent spot in the makeup bag I keep in my purse (which is small so brutal cuts are made each month to what is allowed to stay in it).

If you’re in North America you can pick up a tube (or two or five) at the BeauTeaBar for $32 a pop or directly from Nūdus if you live in Australia.

Have you tried this line before? If so let me know what colours you have and what you love about it!

  • Wonderlusting

    These lipsticks look heavenly – bitter sweet looks stunning on you. I am dying for them to come to the UK. My makeup is 99% lipstick – i’ve just done a 100 day challenge wearing a different one every day!

    • you my friend are my new hero! you did document each one?!

  • The purity is amazing! How very unusual for a lipstick company. FAB colors on you. Then again, you could wear clear gloss and work it! XO

    • haha thanks my darlin’. Hmm that just gave me an idea for a ‘winter wonderland’ makeup look!

      • Sounds like I’ve gotta go grab my jingle bells 🙂

  • Lovely! really like it! x

  • You look gorgeous! I love these lippies<3 xx

    • Thanks Jana! What colours do you have / have tried? xx

      • I have 27 Kisses which is my favourite and Survivor and Revenge! All beautiful colours<3

        • Oooh I’ve been eyeing Revenge next! I’m actually wearing 27 Kisses today -I love how moisturizing they are!

  • BeaTeaBar is one of my favorite shops and I have yet to try this brand. But I’ll definitely have to give them a look after your glowing review!

    • Yes! I haven’t been this excited about a lipstick line since I first discovered Ilia. Let me know if you end up trying them 😀 xx

      • Omg! Discovering Ilia was like finding out that The Wonder Years was on Netflix. Have you ever seen that show? It is nostalgic, relatable, and captures the beautifully awkward transition from childhood to adulthood so preciously.

        • I loved that show! Winnie was my absolutely favourite 😀

  • You look gorg! Also love the coat! xoxo