November 7, 2014

{review} mrs. jones soapbox

mrs jones soapbox

I’m a big fan of falling into a bed of freshly washed sheets. I’m just not a big fan of actually having to do the washing.

new girl

Laziness aside, I’ve been experimenting with natural detergents, like soap nuts, to see if they could hold up to the power of commercial detergents and my most recent laundry escapade has landed me on the doorstep of mrs. jones soapbox (I’m trying to trick myself into thinking this chore can be fun)


mrs. jones soapbox was featured on Oprah and is touted to be a cleaner, deodorizer, and a fabric softener to boot. Plus it’s gentle ingredients make it the perfect option for wee babies, people with allergies and those of us fighting skin conditions, like eczema.

So how did it hold up? 


ingredients: coconut and citronella soap, borax, washing soda, baking soda, essential oil blend of lavender, tea tree, and citrus oils

directions: 1 heaping tsp per load (jar contains enough for 75 loads or 100 for HE machines)

packaging: refillable glass jar

performance: my clothes actually came out of the dryer completely static free (no dryer sheets were used) and fairly soft. It did a great job of “regular” cleaning, but fell short on getting out stains (i.e. the blog of chocolate ice cream that fell on my t-shirt as I was engrossed in a tv show).

price: $24 for 75 ml

where to buy: pure living boutique

for the win? it’s definitely an awesome natural detergent alternative and even though it failed on pesky stains, treating them pre-wash is a fairly quick fix (make a paste of baking soda and vinegar and allow it to set on the stain for a few minutes). Plus a little bit goes a long way making it ridonculously cost-effective.

Sample generously provided, but all opinions, blushing or not, are my own.