May 1, 2015

{review} mahalo skin care

mahalo skincare_group

You just can’t beat the effects of a really good skin care line.

Mahalo Skin Care, handcrafted on the gorgeous island of Kauai, Hawaii, is truly an experience in luxe beauty.

Mahalo, an ancient Hawaiian word of gratitude, esteem, and respect, combines bioactive blends of all-star oils, supercritical extracts, antioxidant-rich plant butters, and Earth minerals (like volcanic ash) to help your skin thrive and not just survive day to day.

Mahalo Skin Care is a fairly new player on the green beauty scene, but its reputation has spread like wildfire. With recognizable packaging, exquisite ingredient combos and an Instagram page that makes you feel like you’ve fallen into an island paradise, the end result is just magic.

The line consists of four products that make your skin feel like the Hawaiian sun and the dew of tropical mornings are crushing hard on it and I was lucky enough to try all of them.

>>vitality elixir scorecard>> 

mahalo skincare_vitality elixir

ingredients: polynesian tamanu oil*, chia seed supercritical CO2 oil*, kukui nut oil*, black cumin seed supercritical CO2 seed oil*, carrot seed supercritical CO2 seed oil*, sea buckthorn supercritical CO2 oil*, turmeric supercritical CO2 extract*, helichrysum italicum (immortelle) oil*, geranium oil*, ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10)

*organic + local and/or wild harvested

ingredient highlights:

  • tamanu – incredibly restorative oil with skin healing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Grown in mineral-rich volcanic soil of Polynesia, it soothes acne, scarring, eczema, age spots and wrinkles.
  • chia seed – offers one of the highest concentrations of Omega-3’s it traps moisture in the skin and is an important source for the body’s own EPA and DHA synthesis.
  • turmeric – one of my favourite skincare and dietary ingredients, this “plant gold” detoxifies the skin, calms inflammations and even has anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • sea buckthorn – beauty’s “superberry”, it has the single highest source of vitamin C, E, amino acids, pro-vitamin-A and unsaturated fatty acids to stimulate collagen, fight wrinkles and dryness, reverse the effects of aging and pollution, and repair skin on a cellular level.
  • helichrysum – an oil with “everlasting regeneration”, it inhibits inflammatory enzymes, and scavenges free radicals. It also contains rare diketones, which stimulate growth of new skin tissue, fade scars, stretch marks and blemishes.
  • kukui nut – known as the ancient Hawaiian super-oil, it contains high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids that Hawaiians used for centuries to protect their skin from the environment.

performance: this serum had me at helichrysum, turmeric and tamanu oil. Well that and it’s ridiculously cute bamboo bottle that decorates my bathroom counter.

Having tested many, many skincare ingredients since starting this blog, I already knew how my skin would react to this exotic liquid before it even touched it.

black swan

price: $64 USD for 15 ml

where to buy: online here

>>body balm scorecard>> 

mahalo skincare_body balm

ingredients:  virgin coconut oil*, sweet almond oil*, macadamia oil*, avocado butter*, beeswax*, cocoa butter*, grapeseed butter*, tamanu oil*, virgin rosehip oil*, neem oil*, kukui oil, marigold flower*, hibiscus flower*, comfrey leaf*, sea buckthorn supercritical CO2 oil*, carrot supercritical CO2 oil*, vitamin e, turmeric supercritical CO2 extract*, lavender oil*, geranium oil*, sandalwood*

*organic + local and/or wild harvested

ingredient highlights:

  • avocado butter – a natural sunscreen, it also contains Vitamins A, B, G and E to moisturize the skin.
  • macadamia nut – a lightweight oil that balances skin’s sebum production (because it has a near-identical human sebum profile) and works to regenerate, hydrate and protect the skin.
  • grapeseed butter – helps to restructure the skin so as to allow a better balance of moisture
  • rosehip – high amounts of collagen-stimulating vitamin C fight signs of aging, and essential fatty acids deeply hydrate, minimize stretch marks, age spots, hyperpigmentation and scars.
  • carrot – an antioxidant-rich superstar, it repairs damaged skin tissue and skin discoloration, improves complexion, tones and adds elasticity to skin.

performance: this balm can be used as a makeup remover, lip balm, body moisturizer, foundation (mix a little with a mineral powder) and cleanser, but if your face tends to reject coconut oil hard then I would just use it as a body moisturizer.

Dry patches on my body like my elbows, hands/cuticles and ankles got on famously with it so I keep this tropical beauty in my purse at all times.


price: $72 USD for 50 ml

where to buy: online here

>>facial cleanser puff scorecard>> 

mahalo skincare_facial cleanser puff

ingredients: konjac glucomannan, bamboo charcoal powder

ingredient highlight: a natural treatment for acne, activated bamboo charcoal can absorb minerals, toxins, and impurities, and act as an effective exfoliant to remove dead skin cells.

performance: in my daily skincare routine I never think to use konjac sponges, but when I do I’m always like “shiiiiiiiit why don’t I use this more often?!”

Activate it by running it under water to soften it up and then massage all over your face, with or without a cleanser (it’s safe to use on any skin type).

I prefer to use it in the morning as a quick way to freshen up my face and give it a buttery smooth feeling.

Gawd what a great and simple product.


price: $15 USD

where to buy: online here

>>pele mask scorecard>> 

(not pictured above)

ingredients: volcanic ash clay, hawaiian red clay*, rhassoul clay, raw cacao powder*, black lava hawaiian salt, bamboo charcoal powder, papaya leaf*, hibiscus flower*, aloe vera leaf*, turmeric root*, ginger root*, sodium bicarbonate, marigold flower*, noni powder*, holy basil tulsi leaf*, pennywort leaf*, neem powder*, sandalwood, white willow bark*, witch hazel powder*, cayenne*, banana fruit extract*, guava fruit extract*, sandalwood oil*

*organic + local and/or wild harvested

ingredient highlight: this mask is supercharged by the “botox-plant” hibiscus, anti-inflammatory turmeric, collagen-boosting vitamin C, anti-aging neem leaf, oxygenating cayenne, sebum-balancing witch hazel, wrinkle-fading guava, acne-fighting holy basil, toxin-magnet volcanic ash clay and bacteria-absorbing activated bamboo charcoal.

performance: named after the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess Pele, the ingredient list reminded me of May Lindstrom Problem Solver which is a favourite mousse mask of mine. Based on that, and the fact that “Pele” is the Goddess of Awakening, it’s no wonder my skin felt so detoxified. I just wanted to touch it all day long.

jennifer lawrence

price: $64 USD for 50 ml (refills available to buy)

where to buy: online here

*sample generously provided, but you know the drill all opinions blushing or not are my own. 

  • Ana Green

    What a lovely review and the photos are just divine, this brand is one to try for me 🙂 Xx

  • These are all gorgeous products! I especially want to try the Pele Mask and Vitality Elixir. The ingredients are simply stellar.