July 21, 2014

{review} LAVINA barbary fig seed oil

life in blush review of lavina barbary fig seed oil

I’ve been obsessed with barbary fig seed oil since last year when I discovered how magnificent this oil could be for my skin, and have lovingly come to call it my ‘elixir of life’ because of how it brightens and smooths my complexion.

benedict cumberbatch_sherlock

So much beauty can be found in the simplicity of a single oil, just like Audrey Hepburn’s legacy as a ‘simplistic’ style icon forever changed the world’s perception on fashion and female beauty.

Barbary fig seed oil, derived from the prickly pear cactus, is one of the most expensive, and precious, oils in the world due to the low yields per batch -1,000 kilos of fruit makes 1L of oil – and is suited for all skin types.

Barbary fig seed oil is a powerful antioxidant, which slows down the aging of cells, stimulates healthy cell renewal and is incredibly effective against environmental stressors. Plus it contains more Vitamin E (1000mg per kilo) than any other plant oil on the market.

LAVINA Skincare, a new Toronto-based skincare company started by Younes Terrab and Victor Udeh-Martin whose mission it was to not only bring to market rare and ethical oils, but also to empower and educate women on their health and beauty, approached me last month to try both their argan and barbary fig seed oils. Because of my deep love for these oils, and due to my excitement over how wallet-friendly the LAVINA brand was, I jumped on the chance to be able to tell you guys more about their products.


ingredients: 100% pure barbary fig seed oil without parabens, preservatives or any synthetic fragrances

*LAVINA’s suppliers are certified by Ecocert and USDA and the company plans to be certified as third party distributor by the end of this summer.  

packing: glass bottle with a roll-on tip that’s housed within a very cute white and lavender box. The roll-on design should allow you to make this baby last for about 3-6 months, depending on how often you use it, and it also makes the most perfect travel companion. I took it with me on my back-to-the-land trip to Maine (click here) and I’ll be taking it with me again when I travel to Europe on Wednesday.

performance: as mentioned above my skin has a long-standing love affair with this particular type of oil for good reason. Rich in texture and easily absorbed, I like to apply it in the morning after I spritz my face with some spring water, and in the evening after I cleanse.

If oils came with zodiac signs I’d pick Gemini for this one because it just wants to be the life of the party and get along with everyone. If you have temperamental skin this may not be your holy grail, but it certainly won’t cause you to wonder why you ever tried it in the first place. Like I said it wants to work hard to be your friend.

price: $29.99 for 10ml (such a steal!)

where to buy: online at LAVINA

for-the-win? Yes. Big time.


Want to know more about their argan oil? Click here for my two cents.

  • Ahh this sounds great! I won a sample of this in a competition so I can’t to try it now!

    • oh yaaay! Let me know what you think of it 🙂

  • heymomo

    How is this oil for skin that tends to break out?

    • it’s a great oil if you have acne prone skin! But just remember that acne is caused by an over production of sebum that’s getting trapped under your skin so regular exfoliation and weekly masks will help to keep this under control, versus relying on an oil alone to do it. Thanks for saying hello!

  • shortsmallsweet

    I just received a sample of this and can’t wait to try it out. Didn’t know the full-sized comes in the rollerball – for a face oil I’d prefer it to be pump or dropper dispenser. x

    • I’m generally a dropper girl as well, but this one I didn’t mind. Sometimes I find myself rolling it on to my fingers and then on to my face, as I like to massage the oil into my face, but all in all I wouldn’t count it as a con against the product design. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

  • Margie

    I was expecting at least a $60. price tag for this, how nice to see it’s actually quite affordable.
    Question…with a roll on application would you not be dragging bacteria back into the bottle with each application or is it naturally antibacterial?

    • that’s actually a really good question; it’s not antibacterial by nature like tea tree or coconut oil, but I’m guessing if you’re applying it on a cleansed face then any bacteria transfer would be good bacteria, meant to live on your skin, and therefore any exchange would not be detrimental. By that I mean lactobacillus acidophilus, or ‘acid-loving milk bacterium’, needs to live on your skin in order to prevent you from infection from bacteria that thrive in alkaline environments and can only survive if fed oils, like that of a facial oil or something more simple like coconut oil.

      That being said if you roll a good amount of the oil on to cleansed fingers and then apply it to your face, this one-time application would certainly limit any fear of bacteria transfer.

      That’s just my two cents, but would be interested to know if you have any more thoughts!

      • Margie

        Good explanation, thanks.
        About the coconut oil… I didn’t have success using it as a facial cleanser so I’m now guessing the antibacterial properties accounted for the irritation that resulted. Great post as always 🙂

  • Samantha Hall Drawant

    oh Mr. Gosling swoon ❤ Sonja is this a *MUST* buy???

    • Hey Samantha, barbary fig seed oil is one of those oils that most people have tremendous success with bringing luster back to dull complexions. If you’ve never experienced this oil before I would definitely say it should be a ‘must’ on your list, especially at that price tag!

  • Alicia

    There is no better way to start the day that a review & a Ryan Gosling gif!