June 4, 2014

{review} LAVINA argan oil

life in blush review of Lavina argan oil

Our aim is to create a brand that will earnestly help women in their daily lives and leave a smile on every face we serve. – Victor Udeh-Martin

The quest to rewild your skincare can take you on a journey of oils hailing from France, China, Morocco and the South Pacific, to name a few. Our skin can be as unique as our personalities and hunting for that “just right” oil can be a test of patience, but sometimes the answer lies in the beauty of ‘simplicity’.

LAVINA, a Toronto-based skincare company started by university graduates, Younes Terrab and Victor Udeh-Martin, whose mission it was to not only bring to market rare and ethical oils, but also to empower and educate women on their health and beauty, contacted me about trying their newest product – argan oil. Argan oil has gained a decent amount of klout in the green beauty world (because it’s just that good) so who was I to refuse this wonderful offer?! I love telling you guys about the new products I discover!

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LAVINA’s argan oil is sourced from a women’s cooperative in Southeast Morocco, to support their social and economic welfare, and is the very embodiment of ‘simplicity’. This one oil contains very high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, phenols, pro-vitamin A and squalene, and is also significantly high in anti-oxidants – critical to prevent and repair skin damage caused by free radicals. Suitable for all skin types, this oil is truly a ‘one size fits all’.


ingredients: 100% pure argan oil (cold pressed and certified organic).

*LAVINA’s suppliers are certified by Ecocert and USDA and the company plans to be certified as third party distributor by the end of this summer.  

ways to use it: in addition to a facial moisturizer I also like to use it to soften my cuticles, as a scalp treatment and to tame my frizz. For more ideas check out LAVINA’s ‘List of 8

performance: very light in texture with a sweet nutty aroma this oil quickly absorbed and didn’t leave behind any kind of greasy residue when using it on my hair. Like an instant BFF my skin had no adverse reaction to it and the level of hydration was pretty sweet (hollaa!). I’ve been experimenting with multi-oil blends lately so it was a nice switch to return to an uncomplicated and gentle oil that over-delivers in the hydration department. This is a great oil to start with if you’re looking down the rabbit hole of facial oils, or have just made the leap. But even if you’ve been in the game for awhile and have not yet experienced it I’d say take ‘er for a spin!

price: $19.99 for 30ml

where to buy: LAVINA

for-the-win? I love to see local companies, with a mission I can identify with and a truly fantastic product, succeed in the market place so I’m definitely giving this a FTW high five.

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sample generously provided, but you know the drill – all opinions, blushing or not are my own! 

  • Margie

    $19.99 is a really good price for an oil that’s both cold pressed and certified organic.
    Isn’t it wonderful how more and more are making these non toxic products …one day (soon I hope ) the big cosmetic companies will have to follow suit and all women will benefit!

    • they’ve definitely done a great job offering a luxe oil to the market at such an affordable price!

  • Sounds lovely, I’m such an argan oil fan 🙂 x

    • it’s a pretty sweet oil, no wonder it has so many fans 🙂 thanks for saying hello tania! xx

  • I love argan oil! well done to the uni graduates to start this beauty company! x