September 4, 2013

{review} kjaer weis mascara

kjaer weis mascara /

Beauty editors and beauty bloggers alike have raved about this mascara, and it even has its own cult following, with terms like “game changer” being used in all seriousness…because it will literally change your mind about green beauty mascaras.

A lot has been written about the skin-soothing and quality* ingredients, such as lavender flower, lavender water, jojoba oil, rose oil and rosemary extract, as well as its ability to lengthen, curl and define without clumping. So, I won’t wax lyrical about that (because I could go on and on until someone angrily tweets at me to stop), but instead I’m going to tell you the top three reasons why it blew my mind:

  1. some like it hot – while travelling in Europe I felt like I was going to combust at any moment, and any make-up I had foolishly tried to wear had long ago slid off into some sad little puddle, except for this mascara. It met the heat head on!
  2. sleeping with a friend – some nights, if I’d only worn mascara that day, I’d forget to wash it off, but like a movie star who wakes up with a perfectly made-up face I too would wake up with well-defined lashes.
  3. when water met mascara – one of my guilty secrets is that I sometimes like to wear mascara to the beach. On this one occasion I went into the water, forgetting I had worn it, and to my utter amazement it simply disappeared – versus melding itself to the DNA of my skin.

take note:

  1. small tube and skinny long brush. trust me it works.
  2. don’t expect Diorshow lashes, but you can expect a very beautiful curl
  3. retails for $39 at Eco Diva Beauty, but it’s refillable so once 3 months are up the replacement is only $25
  4. you will want to sniff it all the time – it actually smells like roses
  5. I think the search to find my holy grail of mascara’s is over!

So, here’s to you Kirsten!

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*Certified Organic by the CCPB, the Italian organic certifying authority.

  • asti

    Love your fun review!! Oh no, should I be tempted to get this mascara now?!

    • Yeeessss!!!! A definite must-try 😀

  • Margie

    Loved your description of the 3 reasons it blew your mind….who wouldn’t want to wear this mascara now!!! My wish list is growing 🙂
    Leonardo…..still so cute!