July 22, 2015

{review} josh rosebrook herbal infusion oil + tinted nutrient day cream SPF 30

life in blush review josh rosebrook herbal infusion oil and nutrient day cream tinted The Josh Rosebrook brand is something of a green beauty institution.

Soft spoken with a contagious smile, an earnest interest in researching the most effective combination of natural ingredients to help your skin thrive, and using his trademark variety of herbal infusions, Josh is slowly building a one-stop shop for all of your skin and hair care needs and has garnered quite the cult following in the process.

If you follow me here, or on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know how much I love the man and all of his products (click here, here and here).

They even followed me on my most recent trip to British Columbia and California!

josh rosebrook

The Herbal Infusion Oil and the Tinted Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30 are the latest additions to his dream team and to help spread the word Josh asked me if I’d like to try them out.

As if I could refuse Josh Rosebrook?!

When the magical box arrived I nearly ripped it from my concierge’s hands in eager anticipation and ran up to my condo to open it up.

>> herbal infusion oil scorecard >>

ingredients:  olive oil*, jojoba oil*, sunflower oil*, grape seed*, sesame oil, apricot oil*, almond oil*, calendula*, slippery elm*, marshmallow root*, bilberry*, neem*, alfalfa*, skullcap*, fennel seed*, chickweed*, gingko leaf*, hawthorn berry*, green tea*, essential oils of rosewood*, damask rose* and a proprietary blend of other essential oils. *organic ingredient

performance: Josh has a knack for creating multi-purpose products (which this busy gal loves him for) and this one is no exception. Cleanser, makeup remover and moisturizing skin treat for all skin types, what I really appreciated about this oil was that it:

  • was non-greasy and felt almost like a dry oil
  • had a wonderfully intoxicating scent (you guys know how I love my scents)
  • was so gentle and soothing that even the delicate skin around my eyes took to it
  • removed even heavy makeup applications
  • spread easily so a little bit goes a long way
  • was perfect for travel due to the 60 ml bottle
  • can be used as a cleanser and moisturizer, which makes packing for a trip so much easier

price: $55 for 60 ml

>> tinted nutrient day cream SPF 30 scorecard >>

ingredients:  aloe juice**, shea butter**, evening primrose oil*, hemp seed oil*, jojoba oil*, borage oil*, almond oil*, grape seed oil*, sesame oil*, sea buckthorn oil*, zinc oxide (min. 12%), lecithin*, calendula*, bilberry*, chamomile*, burdock root*, rosemary*, fennel*, dandelion*, rose hips*, catnip*, chickweed*, neem*, skullcap*, gingko*, linden*, hawthorn berry*, green tea*, flaxseed*, nettles*, sage*, marshmallow root*, cayenne*, ginseng*, peppermint*, st. john’s worth*, alfalfa*, vitamin E oil**, candelilla wax, guar gum* and gum arabic*, plant-sourced xanthan gum and potassium sorbate, mica, benzoin tree resin*. **certified organic *organic + wildcrafted

performance: another multi-tasker, and packed with skin worshiping ingredients, this little beauty acts as a moisturizer, sun block (using non-nano zinc oxide), primer and light foundation.

Color adjusting earth minerals correct and brighten while plant oils and active herbal infusions repair. I experimented with this cream both pre-vacation (when I was super fair) and post when I had a respectable tan and both times it looked like it had been colour matched to my skin tone.

josh rosebrook tinted nutrient day cream spf 30_swatch1 josh rosebrook tinted nutrient day cream spf 30_swatch2 Apart from the one-size-fits-all benefit, the other perks I love about this tinted cream are that it:

  • gives you this gorgeous dewy look
  • subtly evens your skin tone so no one would ever know you’re wearing it
  • spreads easily, absorbs quickly, and feels light
  • protects your skin from long sun exposure without feeling like you put sun block on
  • acts as a great primer to add a heavier foundation
  • smells delicious, like vanilla and cookie dough!
  • does an awesome job of hydrating your skin with uncommon ingredients like catnip

what animated GIF I know right? Apparently catnip delays pre-mature aging, speeds up the healing process and acts as a natural astringent. Who knew?!

price: $65 CDN for  30 ml

Available online or in-store at The Detox Market, the Herbal Infusion Oil and the Tinted Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30 are the perfect addition to your summer beauty bag and both are a huge win in my books because of how excited they got me.

image If you’ve already tried them let me know what you think in the comments below!

  • emmanuella

    Has anyone else broken out in a horrible red rash from his spf nutrient day cream listed here? I had to wash off my face after five minutes, it was burning so badly. I can’t think of what in there could’ve made me react this way. It smelled nice on the plus side. Haha.

    • Oh gosh! I haven’t heard of anyone having a reaction, I’m so sorry you had that experience. I wonder if you have a floral/plant allergy? I’ll reach out to Josh with your experience and see if he can venture a guess as to what may have happened. Stay tuned!

  • Ali P.

    I got a sample of the herbal infusion oil but it spilled in shipping so I got to smell the amazing scent but not actually try any on my face!! Did you use it with the waterless method? It sounds like something that would be really great for my skin in the winter – definitely on my to try list!

    • Noooooo! Omg it breaks my heart to hear such a great sample was wasted 🙁

      I did try the waterless method and I have to say it’s going to take some time getting used to. When you have a full face of makeup it feels odd not to wet your cloth to wipe it off so I go back and forth, but I guess you just get used to what you do all the time right?!

      Thanks so much for saying hello Ali! xo

  • The new releases from Josh Rosebrook sound absolutely gorgeous!

  • Maria

    I just bought the tinted SPF at the Detox Market and I’m in love. I also put on a few liberal test sprays of the hydrating accelerator and will definitely be back to buy that as well. So so good!

    • Ah amazing!! They really are such amazing products non? I’m on my second bottle of Hydrating Accelerator and just love spritzing that fresh burst of moisture on in the morning 🙂

  • I’m yet to try the Herbal Infusion Oil but I am really loving the Tinted Cream. It just gives my skin such a lovely glow! Josh can do no wrong!

    • The glow is unreal! So dewy, so natural, so gorgeous. Josh really can do no wrong 🙂 xo