May 21, 2013

review: graydon sun cream

clinical luxury by nature sun cream

I’ve been a nut about sunscreen ever since Fran Drescher uttered “rays today, raisins tomorrow” in beautician and the beast. Determined not to be a raisin I religiously applied sunscreen to my fish belly white skin during the summer months, but it wasn’t until I started to ‘green’ my make-up bag that I thought about my sunscreen as well. I’ve tried a few organic sunscreens, but either the texture was too greasy and thick or it left such a horrific white cast that I had to wash my face immediately.

My mom first introduced me to GRAYDON Clinical Luxury by Nature when she read about it in the local paper and after browsing through her website I decided to test out the sun cream. The ingredients looked quite hydrating and with summer practically here project ‘anti-raisin’ is once again out in full force.

why I like about this sun cream:

  1. free of mineral oils, chemicals, parabens, sulfates, artificial dyes and aromas
  2. lots of hydrating plant based ingredients
  3. non-greasy/sticky and light in texture
  4. I’m supporting a Canadian product

points to note:

  1. there’s actually nothing I don’t like about this product, however it does give a slight white cast to the skin (and can dry in a white patch) unless you completely work it in. But since the product is easily absorbed, and if you take your time to rub it in, this is not really an issue.
  2. slightly pricey at $25 (120ml), but a little bit does go a long way so I’m hoping this will last me the better part of the summer. Plus, when it comes to health of my skin I’m willing to pay a bit more.

Have you tried any organic sunscreens that you love? Let me know!