June 30, 2014

{review} four sigma foods instant cordyceps

life in blush review of surthrival instant cordyceps

Hello lovelies! Ever since I started taking SurThrival’s chaga tincture, and began to feel the immune boosting benefits (click here), I became fascinated with researching other types of wild-crafted mushrooms to learn what kind of effects they too could have on my health.

One such mushroom that piqued my curiosity was cordyceps because I’ve been trying to find alternatives to coffee to jump start my energy in morning. But damn it’s been hard to find something that can compete.

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Unlike coffee that gives you an energy spike, and then a crash, cordyceps (an adaptogen not a stimulant) is reputed to help you maintain constant levels of energy, improve blood circulation and increase maximal oxygen intake (perfect for those of us with asthma).*

So I’ve been giving it a whirl.

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The instant cordyceps, from Four Sigma Foods, comes in a powder form that can be dissolved in water, put into smoothies or simply taken as is. It’s vegan, doesn’t contain additives, gluten, lactose, sugar or soy and, to me, tastes a little like marshmallows (yum!).

So does it rival my beloved cup of coffee? Not quite, at least not yet, but I was actually surprised when it’s effects snuck up on me as I zipped into work one morning with a little more pep than usual -which only goes to prove my belief that it’s important to add variety to your diet to keep you body functioning optimally.


price: $35.97 for 20 bags (60g each)

where to buy: online at SurThrival 

Blushers, how about you? Are you trying to cut out coffee or find energy-boosting alternatives? Let me know your tips and tricks in the comments below!

*click here  and here to learn more

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    Oooh so want to try this!!