May 2, 2014

{review} living libations forest bathing seven trees to please kit with salt inhaler

living libations forest bathing seven trees to please kit with salt inhaler review by life in blush

Happy Friday blushers! Building upon yesterday’s ‘ma-soul-needs-nature’ theme (click here for a refresher) I wanted to let you all know about a ritual I’ve been practicing more and more often that, in addition to helping my asthma, lets my mind relax and helps me imagine that I’m actually in a forest.

sleepingbeautyWhen Living Libations first promoted their Forest Bathing – Seven Trees to Please Kit with Salt Inhaler Limited Edition Kit a few months ago I was at work feeling stressed to the max and wishing I was staring out at trees and not the proverbial concrete jungle. I’d never heard of a salt inhaler before, but already a big fan of this line I whipped out my credit card when I read “inhale the breeze of trees” and “cleanse the respiratory system” on the kit’s description.

Before I get to my actual thoughts on this product have you ever wondered why being in nature is so relaxing? And why it can feel like you’re ‘home’? Japanese researchers have been studying the therapeutic benefits of nature for years and have concluded that ‘forest therapy’ can lower blood pressure and stress, fight off depression and even prevent cancer (click here for full article).

Not a shocking result right? My gawd whenever I inhale the scent of trees I feel like life is amazing.

jungle book

Ok so back to the salt inhaler. How do you use it? It’s actually pretty simple. Just add 1-10 drops of essential oil to the Himalayan salt within the inhaler (the more drops you add the longer the aroma lasts) and inhale deeply through your  mouth and out through your nose for 10-20 minutes -I like to do it when I’m reading or catching up on The Mindy Project.

As you inhale a blend of purified salt and beautiful essential oils, smoke particulates, allergens, asthma triggers and respiratory irritants are flushed from the body.  The salt inhaler is also phenomenal for treating sinus issues and colds, and is great for purifying the breathing process during air travel. – Living Libations

So good. This kit is so, SO good. I absolutely had to share it with you.


The more often you commit to this practice the better results you’ll see. Since I’ve started ‘forest bathing’ my lungs feel less constricted and afterwards I’m in an all-around better mood. Plus I’m a huge advocate for simply taking time out of a hectic day to unwind and pay tribute to the body that does so much for you.

Blushers this is such a great product for both your mind and your lungs that I highly recommend trying it out. If tree scents aren’t your lady jam there are lots of other essential oils you can experiment with. Click here for ideas!

Thanks for joining me this week and have a wonderful weekend! I’m moving this weekend so I will see you back here on Tuesday when my interweb is re-connected.

  • Margie

    Loved this amazing article on ‘forest therapy’. It’s about how nature has a positive effect on our bodies. Even increasing NK cells ( natural killer white blood cells) by a whopping 40%, as well as boosting anticancer cells, during a study where participants hiked in nature for 3 days The effect lasted for 7 days after the study ended! That is an unbelievable increase!! The humidified evergreen scents worked to increase NK cells by 20%. A very impressive reason to start getting outside to a park more often and to try the Forest Bathing inhaler STAT!!

    • lifeinblush

      I know right?! After reading this study I immediately wanted to run to a forest. It always kills me to see trees cut down and parks paved over to put up more condos in the city. We’re losing such a valuable way for our species to connect to the earth and find balance.

      “When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize we cannot eat money” – Native American Proverb

      • Margie

        Proverb is poignantly and sadly true 🙁

  • Kat

    Sounds dreamy 🙂