December 2, 2013

{review} flight skincare camellia face treatment

flight skincare camellia face treatment

Described as a ‘delicate face treatment infused with vitamins and plant oils to deeply nourish and repair the skin’ my first impression of flight skincare’s camellia face treatment was its scent. Ever since I made a concerted effort to strip away all synthetic aromas from my beauty routine I find myself more aware (and obsessed) with identifying natural ones. Blended with a few simple, yet highly effective oils I couldn’t stop smelling it when I first received it, due to the intoxicating fragrance of neroli and macadamia nut, that I even found myself shoving it under my boyfriend’s nose, yelling SMELL IT!

After a few weeks of testing I can wholeheartedly say this is a keeper for anyone with dry or irritated skin looking to lovingly nourish it back to balance, or for anyone who wants to maintain the health of their skin’s acid mantle with quality oils.



  • camellia seed –the secret for Japanese women’s flawless and porcelain complexion; rich in essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins A, B, E
  • macadamia nut –one of the highest sources of palmitoleic fatty acids, essential for the delay of skin and cell aging
  • sandalwood –regenerates the growth of new healthy skin cells.
  • vitamin E – protects skin cells from free radical damage
  • neroli – rejuvenates skin and calms the mind. (fact: also known as orange blossom, ‘neroli’ originated from the Italian princess, anne-marie de la tremoille (countess of nerola) who used the oil as a perfume and to scent her bathwater and gloves.)

packaging: quite unique in that the amber glass bottle represents washed sea glass, tumbled by the waves, and the white toned label signifies sandy beaches.

price: $62, purchase here

performance: light in texture and fast absorbing, I love taking my time in the morning and evening to massage this blend into my face and neck. The massage helps boost circulation, and the extra time I take allows me to enjoy its beautiful fragrance (it also gives me this wonderful sense of feeling ‘grounded’). After a couple of weeks of consistent use you can really notice a softening effect as nature’s powerhouse group of oils work to soothe and protect the skin.

for the win? yyyyuuup! even though this little beauty was generously provided to me (and as always all opinions are my own) I would buy it without hesitation.

p.s. if you start to feel gloomy about winter check out flight skincare’s facebook page. It’s filled with so many envious shots of the Australian coast, that I truly feel Kym is living in a postcard every…single…day. Lucky lady!


  • asti

    You make everything so fun to read. I love your little fun facts. I am so glad you love this oil like I do! Scent is a bit green and flowery, I agree that this is perfect for dry and irritated skin. Surprised it sinks in very easy (texture is a bit dense)!

    I am so very jealous also of Kym’s pictures.. she is… living in postcards isn’t she. Her pictures are always so gorgeous! (actually represent the brand pretty well too!)

    • lifeinblush

      thanks love! And completely agree – she’s living the brand each and every day and the brand is authentically represented by her life 🙂

  • *Raises hand!* I have dry and irritated skin! This sounds fantastic, you had me at italian princess, i did not know that! Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one shoving things under peoples noses. Carry on, girl!

    • lifeinblush

      I know eh?! Who wouldn’t want to channel a little italian princess persona while laying the beat down to dry skin. Love the fact that you’re as fanatical about scents as I am…although I have to admit the startled look on his face every time I do it is becoming almost comical, haha

  • Margie

    A product with an ingredient used by an Italian princess….in her bath, no less! Imagine the pampering….ahhh

    • lifeinblush

      complete pampering! I just might have to give the whole ‘neroli in the bath’ a whirl myself 🙂 Happy Monday!