November 5, 2013

{review} flight skincare acai firming mask

flight skincare acai firming mask

Australian skincare line, Flight Skincare, first popped up on my radar when founder Kym Jakovich hosted a facebook contest with her acai firming plant mask as the prize. As someone who never wins anything I became pretty nerdy with excitement when I got her email saying I won. And then I geeked out some more when Asti, a fellow green beauty blogger (who you instantly want to befriend), gushed about it.

So where does the story of Flight Skincare begin? With a mother who was appalled to find a product marked as “natural” actually gave her daughter a rash. Kym then began a quest to discover the healing properties of plants and their benefits for our skin. Working with a chemist, and sourcing pure, botanical ingredients from around the globe, she created her own luxe, natural skincare line.


ingredients: french white clay, organic coconut, acai berry, cacao, aloe vera, rosehip, beetroot, olive leaf, ginger root and chlorella powders; in the words of Kym:

I wanted a Raw powdered product that drew upon super foods (antioxidant rich) yet balancing them against the fine French white clay and the heavier Bentonite Clay to draw out impurities, whilst also have the skin feeling silky and smooth after rinsing. The light and subtle smell of cacao and a hint of ginger is heightened once water is added…I believe the Acai is just gorgeous and slightly tightens my skin after I wash it off.

To wax lyrical for a moment about the acai berry, it has a range of unique plant chemical compounds found in no other plant in the world*. Acai also has a ORAC level (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) that is higher than blueberries and pomegranates, and its antioxidant powerhouse, anthocyanin, renders free radicals harmless. Even more impressive on its resume is that it was made to fight superoxide, a free radical that damages collagen and elastin proteins that keep our skin strong and healthy. As if it couldn’t get any better it even helps prevent skin inflammation and has more grams of protein than an egg.

packaging: enclosed in an amber glass bottle, it was Kym’s intention to have it represent washed sea glass, tumbled by the waves – as someone who grew up by the ocean it really does remind me of that.  the white toned label signifies sandy beaches, far off and pristine.

price: $42, purchase here

performance: easy to mix and beautiful to apply, the initial result after an application wasn’t what I expected. I left the mixture on for 10 minutes, as it dried completely, but found my skin was then sucked dry of all moisture. After a bit of research I figured it was probably best to remove it before it dried, as french white clay has very strong absorption powers. Second time around my skin felt less dry, but still parched. On my third attempt I not only mixed the powder with water (as directed), but I added a bit of fresh avocado as well. Booya! The fat content of the avocado helped to hydrate my skin and balance the effect of the clays so that the firming action intended by this mask could be achieved. That being said, I did experience a firming of my skin and could definitely see this being very beneficial to me as I age.

As a side note, if you have oily skin you probably wouldn’t encounter the challenge I did as oily skin can go toe-to-toe with the white clay’s absorption and purifying properties; my dry, temperamental skin just needed a little extra help.

for the win? despite the fact that I had to modify the product slightly I still consider it a win in my books. Between the clean and beneficial-to-your-skin ingredients and the brand’s mission I’d proudly feature this little beauty on my vanity table any day.


  • Mademoiselle Nature

    Hello, very nice review!
    that seems a very brand….very far away from mw though. But would love to try it!

    Holding an international giveway! you may be lucky anotther time :-):

    • haha I suppose I could get lucky again! What a great giveaway – argan oil is such a beautiful oil, non? Thanks for reading and saying hello! xo

  • Margie

    Australia seems to be ahead in producing organic skin care lines. Many years ago when I was looking for something without synthetics the only thing I could find online was Miessence Certified Organic Skincare from Australia.
    Looks like this is another quality line from down under!
    Good to know!!

    • ah miessence! I haven’t heard that name in awhile; but you’re right there are a lot of gorgeous lines coming out of Australia 🙂