November 24, 2014

{review} evoke 100% pure botanical perfumes

Evoke Collection of Perfumes

There is a powerful energetic link between specific scents, emotions, elements and internal organs of the body. I believe when we smell it’s not just with our brains, but with our entire bodies.
Candice Batista, EVOKE

The New York Times recently reported that a team of biologists at Ruhr University Bochum in Germany found that our skin was bristling with olfactory receptors. “More than 15 of the olfactory receptors that exist in the nose are also found in human skin cells.”, which adds credence to Candice’s belief that we smell with our entire bodies.

Candice, the resident eco expert and health and wellness producer for The Marilyn Dennis Show, is also the creator of EVOKE perfumes, a collection of holistic perfumes to balance the mind and body.

The five different elements that make up our physical world, posses a strong connection to five different organs in the body, and as such, those organs are stimulated by the five different scents associated with each element.

Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, and Wood are the names of the perfumes in Candice’s collection and are 100% free of toxic chemicals. The oils used to create these unique blends are organic, or wild crafted, and are sourced from around the world. This line is not certified organic (Candice cites the high cost to do so as the barrier), however some of the oils used are individually certified by the Organic Soil Association so you know this is a perfume you can trust.

Another fun fact about Candice is that she was one of the few chosen in 2010 to be trained by Al Gore to give the Inconvenient Truth Presentation. That definitely garnered my respect!


Each perfume can be purchased at The Detox Market for $55 here.


ingredients: patchouli, benzion, ylang ylang, jasmine sambac, rose absolute, neroli, orange, bergamot, coriander, bay, clove, perfume alcohol (pure alcohol spirit base)

meridian: heart

evokes: joy

resolves: sorrow

what did I think? I immediately picked up on the notes of rose and jasmine, which blended to give it a delicate, innocent and wonderfully floral profile. On my skin it matured with a depth that added a touch spice and in the end made it my favourite one out of the five.  



ingredients: neroli, bitter orange, coriander, ho wood, tuberose, perfume alcohol (pure alcohol spirit base)

meridian: lungs

evokes: happiness

resolves: grief

what did I think? My second favourite out of the group, this one was pure neroli. I typically find neroli a little on the sweet side, however this blend infuses a bit of earthiness to mellow it out.  


ingredients: rose absolute, mandarin, lime distilled, amyris, lavender, elemi, juniperberry, vetivier, perfume alcohol (pure alcohol spirit base)

meridian: kidneys

evokes: wisdom

resolves: fear

what did I think? As you might know, I’m a huge fan of vetivier and this was the first note I picked up on. It has a crisp, grounding and exotic profile to it that mixed well with my skin, but unfortunately the scent didn’t last as long as I would have liked. 


ingredients: lime distilled, patchouli, cedarwood, jasmine sambac, black pepper, galbanum, perfume alcohol (pure alcohol spirit base)

meridian: liver

evokes: harmony

resolves: anger

what did I think? Black pepper and lime are really the stars of this mixture. The citrus/spice combo make it quite unique and while it didn’t settle on my skin in the way I had hoped it would (I wanted the patchouli and jasmine to pull through) you might find it’s just what you’ve been looking for. 


ingredients: ginger root, angelica root, carrot seed, lemongrass, rose absolute, ylang ylang, cardamom, caraway seed, perfume alcohol (pure alcohol spirit base)

meridian: stomach

evokes: peace

resovles: worry

what did I think? What an energizing creation! Lemongrass, rose and ginger take center stage here for a fresh yet spicy finish. If you love lemongrass you’ll love this one. 

  • Wow, they all sound delicious. I think earth (angelica root!, ylang, rose) and fire and metal are all calling my name. Greedy me huh?
    Also gotta love that edgy magic pendant of yours 😉

    • I think you would definitely love metal! The pendant is from Alexis Bittar and it’s one of my most treasured pieces. Coupled with my emerald dragon ring I seem to starting a trend of jewelry with claws and a sense of magic 😉 Hope you’re having a good day luv! xo

  • What a lovely brand! I definitely want to ignite my fire. 😉