August 19, 2014

{review} evie makeup remover & toning rose water

evie makeup remover and toning water

The rose has long been used as a symbol by many throughout the world and was even sacred to a number of goddesses including Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, beauty, sex, prosperity and fertility. And it certainly is seductive and beautiful with it’s intoxicating scent and power to heal. Rose is known to be balance the skin’s sebum production and is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, working its magic on sun-drenched skin, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and dehydrated skin.

evie, an Australian based company carried exclusively in Canada by Green & Pure (an e-boutique of natural and organic skin care), derives it’s name from ‘e’ for energy and ‘vie’ for life to symbolize the positive energy of life and crafts its products from certified organic essential oils. I was unfamiliar with this brand before Green & Pure reached out to introduce them to me, however knowing the incredible green beauty products that have come out of Australia I was very curious to test them out!

>>evie lovingly pure toning rose water>>


ingredients: rose hydrosol (organically farmed)

performance: housed in a glass bottle with a spray cap that evenly distributes the water on your face, I’ve been using it primarily to give my face a cooling and fresh feeling after cleansing (or during the day if it’s hot) and secondly to help my skin absorb my facial oil more efficiently. Soft on the scent of roses, it provides just enough hydration to keep your skin perfectly balanced.

price: $45.95 for 120ml

where to buy: online at Green & Pure


new girl

>>evie amazingly soothing makeup remover>>


ingredients: sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, sorbeth-30 tetraoleate, cetearyl glucoside, sorbitan olivate, glyceryl oleate, polyglycery-3-polyricinoleate,  olive oil unsaponifiables, vitamin E, lavender*, geranium*, cedarwood altas, bergamot*, ylang ylang, chamomile german blue, rose otto;

*certified organic; organic essential oils from Bulgaria, France and Italy

performance: two things I love about this makeup remover / cleanser: one, it’s incredibly effective at removing makeup (1-2 pumps is all you need and seriously it’s like you’ve taken an eraser to a pencil sketch); two, it’s so light and silky in texture that my skin instantly took to it like a duck in water and highly appreciated the skin soothing essential oils.

The only question mark I have in my mind is why evie needed to use so many emulsifying agents (see hyper-linked ingredients above), regardless of the fact that they received a 0-1 rating from EWG. It seems unnecessary and I’m actually looking into this a bit more to satisfy my own curiosity.

price: $45.95 for 180ml.

I’ve been using it consistently for two months now and have only gone through 1/4 of the bottle, making it very cost-effective.

where to buy: online at Green & Pure


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  • Oh the white gladiolas make it for the win! I love that all the comments focus on something different in your post :-)) There’s something for everyone! Those emulsifiers are curious, aren’t they? Now I’m heading off into the research jungle to read Nath’s link. XO

    • they are! to me, they seem so unnecessary as this cleanser would be just as gorgeous without it. I will also be throwing myself down the rabbit hole of research thanks to Nath’s link 🙂

  • Whyyyyyy only Canada??? :0( This looks so lovely! I think we need a plea for the states, stat! :0) – Kathryne

    • haha I think this is the one time that something is available in Canada and not the USA. Hope you’ve been having a great week Kathryne! xo

  • I just can’t… Your GIFs are killing me 😀

    And as for the ingredients, you are absolutely right to question them, in particular because of this:

    • Sarita and I have our homework cut out for us, thanks love!